Pikmin, Mario Power Tennis remakes confirmed for North American releases in 2009

Pikmin and Mario Tennis are coming to Wii in 2009. The remakes, that is.

Siliconera reports today Nintendo has confirmed the Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis “Wii-makes” will be released in North America in 2009.

No specific North American dates were given, but Pikmin is now on track for a Dec. 25 release in Japan.

The confirmation comes from a PDF skeleton plan issued by Nintendo of Japan for 2009. The Donkey Kong Jungle Beat remake is curiously absent from the North American list, as is Disaster: Day of Crisis.

Nintendo announced the “Play on Wii” selection earlier this month, a collection of GameCube classics being remade specifically for Wii. It begins Dec. 11 with Jungle Beat in Japan. Chibi Robo!, Pikmin 2, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes also follow in 2009.

No pricing details have been confirmed for North America. Pikmin will cost 3,800 yen in Japan, 2,000 yen less than a standard Wii title.