Order Up! a surprisingly tasty dish on Wii

It is always a treat to play a game infinitely more enjoyable than you expected it would be.

A devilishly good-looking writer at Ace Gamez had such an experience this week with Order Up! on Wii.

From the 7/10 review:

“You assume the role of a struggling and talented chef with little more than hopes, dreams and a spatula. After literally landing on bustling Port Abello, an island famous for its superior culinary caliber, you immediately find work … at a local burger joint filled with acne-faced managers and puddles of mysterious burger sludge. These greasy floors are the starting point for your journey from no-name McSlave to accomplished chef extraordinaire. To get there, though, you will have to master cooking techniques, learn new recipes and essentially monopolize the Port Abello restaurant industry; … it’s your job to improve each business, hire soux-chefs, please the stringent health inspector and earn a prestigious five-star rating from the finicky food critic, all the while preparing incoming food orders … .”

Order Up! takes on food service from both a business and culinary perspective, and it leaves Cooking Mama with little more than powdered burnt toast. Anyone play this enjoyable little gem?