Orbient first in Art Style series for WiiWare

Well, you guys called it.

Art Style: Orbient, today’s curiously titled WiiWare release, is a remake of a 2006 GameBoy Advance title.

Nintendo plans to release two more Art Style games on WiiWare this month, according to Wired.

The Art Style games are remakes of the Bit Generations games, a series of seven GameBoy Advance titles released in Japan in 2006. The series was popular for its simple controls and stylish presentation.

WiiWare’s Orbient, originally Orbital on the GameBoy Advance, gives players control of a tiny celestial body. Using gravity, players orbit around larger ones to collide with other planets, stars and rocks.

Orbient has received a significant visual upgrade for the move to Wii. It is available in the Wii Shop Channel for 600 Wii Points.