Mother 3 Translation Patch to go Live soon


Mother 3 was initially released on 2006 on April 20th, furthermore, it was intended to be a Japan only title. Most fans of the series were completely crushed when they discovered this. As the only Mother game to make it out of Japan was Mother 2, which is known as Earthbound.

Albeit, a band of dedicated fans with the hopes of one day playing Mother 3 in English decided to get together and make a fan translation. Which started soon after the game was released, the website they were using was as However, they soon learned that they were one of two groups working on the translation ( being the other), and eventually they decided to join forces to get the patch out as fast as possible

As it stands now the translation patch has been completed and they are almost finished with testing and are adding the final touches. Fans of the series will finally be able to play the game in English only after a two and a half year wait. The patch will apparently be out by the end of the week for all those to enjoy.

[Translation Patch Trailers]

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  1. Even though the translation is not even out yet I would still like to Thank Tomato, Sblur, Reidman, Gideon, Demi, and Doctor Fedora for all the hard work and time they put into this translation.

  2. That’s dedication. The fact that Nintendo hasn’t tried to intervene this shows that they don’t give a crap about the Mother fanbase in the U.S.

  3. That’s great news. I for one am very thankful there are folks that are this dedicated and hard working. I’ll be looking forward to starting my own game this week.

  4. Kudos 4 them!!!! Nice Nintendo let them do that translation.

  5. I will be grabbing this as fast as possible, just in case Nintendo does decide to make them pull it.

  6. Good call, Josh.

    U can get on Starmen’s mailing list to find out when

  7. Considering that fact i seen many companies in the past shutdown these types of things. I think Nintendo did the best thing they could.
    When Earthbound came out in Japan , huge hit. In the US , it was a great game that went under the radar. Even today , after games like Super Smash brothers ,etc. People still don’t know who Ness is , and what Earthbound or the Onett stage in SSB is about. Again Mother series in Japan , huge hit , USA not so much. I doubt they will put out anything Mother series related in the US again. But to allow such a patch , which they must realize will have many people will have to use some sorts of illegal rom of the game to play. They could of shut this down easily. But they didn’t. I respect Nintendo a lot more for giving people the ability to play a game they wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to play.

  8. Time for me to get that GBA Flashcart I always wanted.

  9. That reminds me… I never did buy the sexyness that is a GB Micro… *to eBay!!!*
    Still, really cool, for Nintendo not to tell them to stop this is really great, it kinda makes the possibility of Earthbound 3 (official) ever happening a beyond distant dream but this should do nicely!

  10. @ KillerHeroes:

    I don’t think it’s Nintendo doesn’t give a crap.
    I just think that they’re convinced it wouldn’t sell well here if they poured their money into translating and releasing MOTHER 3, despite the booming fanbase the MOTHER series has.

    So, I don’t think it’s that they don’t give a crap, rather that they acknowledge that the MOTHER community loves the series like no other, and they admire the fan’s dedication. It isn’t like they’re heartless; they’re just out for what’s best for their company. If they think that releasing the MOTHER series is not best for their company, so be it. I just want to be able to play through this beloved series time and time again, and I think that Nintendo knows that that’s what MOTHER fans want.

  11. I’m a big Mother fan. Despite knowing better, I always hope that Nintendo will see this fan translation, buy it up, and release a mother 3-in-one for DS stateside.

  12. Well they really don’t have to buy it up. It’s theirs, really. If Nintendo want to they could easily package this as a Wiiware title…

  13. Oh yeah, but I mean I would like them to pay the translation team for their work, and then use that translation for the release. Nintendo has never been known for that kind of Fan Inclusion, but I like the idea. Plus, the work is already done, so it means a faster release for the US.

  14. I’m really looking forward to this.

  15. @ Sean

    I hope they would release a 3 in 1 DS cartridge. They were able to do a 2 in 1 for Mother 1 and 2, so it would be possible… if they cared.

  16. People, nintendo can’t do anything about this. The patch is released without the rom. It’s just a set of instructions to a patching program of how to change the file.

  17. Awesome! I remember using this same kind of file for Secret of Mana 2 (another great game that never made it over here) way back in the day.

    Going to have to steal back one of my GBAs from the kids now…

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