Mother 3 Translation Patch to go Live soon

Mother 3 was initially released on 2006 on April 20th, furthermore, it was intended to be a Japan only title. Most fans of the series were completely crushed when they discovered this. As the only Mother game to make it out of Japan was Mother 2, which is known as Earthbound.

Albeit, a band of dedicated fans with the hopes of one day playing Mother 3 in English decided to get together and make a fan translation. Which started soon after the game was released, the website they were using was as However, they soon learned that they were one of two groups working on the translation ( being the other), and eventually they decided to join forces to get the patch out as fast as possible

As it stands now the translation patch has been completed and they are almost finished with testing and are adding the final touches. Fans of the series will finally be able to play the game in English only after a two and a half year wait. The patch will apparently be out by the end of the week for all those to enjoy.

[Translation Patch Trailers]

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