Top 3 Game Series Nintendo hasn’t released outside of Japan

japaneseflag225.jpgWe’ve enjoyed the fruits of Nintendo’s labors in the West for over 20 years, but there are still some games we haven’t been able to play. Here are the Top 3 Game Series that Nintendo still hasn’t released outside of Japan.

3) Kururin


The best description I can come up with for this one is Monkey Ball meets a slow spinning helicopter. Piloting a bizarre vehicle through puzzling mazes looks like a great action title. Three games have been released in this series: Kuru Kuru Kururin (GBA, 2001); Kururin Paradise (GBA, 2002); and Kururin Squash! (GameCube, 2004).

2) Mother


While it might seem more appropriate for the number one spot, Mother did get a little exposure outside of Japan as EarthBound for the SNES. Regardless, there are so many cult fans of this series that it seems like a quick cash in for Nintendo. You can’t tell me these games wouldn’t sell better than Super Princess Peach! Three games have been released in this series: Mother (NES, 1989); Mother 2: Revenge of Gigyas! (SNES, 1995); and Mother 3 (GBA, 2006).

1) Legendary Stafy


You’re a star fish going on platforming adventures in the ocean and beyond. This extremely cute character has had fairly good success in Japan, the commercials for which are highly entertaining animated pieces. If there’s something American audiences could use is another well put together platform game from Nintendo. Four games have been released in this series: Legendary Stafy (GBA, 2002); Legendary Stafy 2 (GBA, 2003); Legendary Stafy 3 (GBA, 2004); Legendary Stafy 4 (DS, 2006).

Do any of these games appeal to you?


  1. While I was in Japan, I purchased Kururin Squash for my Panasonic Q. My wife and I love the easy controls but, at times, difficulty level of the game. It should be simple for them to translate that style game for the Wii. At least bring it to the DS with touch controls.

  2. I’d love for Mother to come over here on DS! I’ve been wanting to play the SNES version that came out for a while now but it’s impossible to get hold of….
    Stafy? That’s an assist trophy on Brawl right? Anything that’s good enough for Brawl is good enough for play by me!
    Kururin looks like it could be pretty good, top of my list would still be Mother/Earthbound

  3. I remember picking up my copy of Earthbound. I hadn’t heard anything about it but I saw on the box that a strategy guide was included (This was back before I had the internet and getting a strategy guide actually meant something) so I decided to give it a shot. I’m sure glad I did because it has been one of my favorite games since then. I would love for them to release Mother, Mother 3 and even Earthbound again. They would have my money right there 🙂 Until then we just have to wait for a translation patch.

  4. Actually Kururin was released in Europe.
    The Mother Series was planned for release on the NES,
    then the SNES came out and they released Mother 2 as Earthbound.
    Legend of Stafy, should be Densetsu no Stafy, and it is technically the only one that wasn’t released outside of Japan.

  5. I would sell my unneeded organs, my hair, my dog, and all of my money to get my hands on Mother 1+2+3 for the DS, that is, if they made it. And if they had a special DS lite to go with it… that would be very nice.

  6. Wario made a special appearance in Stafy 4.

    Just thought somebody might like the random trivia. 😛

  7. I actually find it likely that Nintendo are working on a Mother title for the Wii.

  8. Super Robot Wars couldn=’ve made the list. There was one released here, but there’s been a whole bunch of them.

  9. I hate that friggin Stafy. He’s the only Assist Trophy I ever get.

  10. @ Lifeisaglitch

    Shigesato Itoi said “There won’t be a fourth.”

  11. Dangit! Why the Brawl teasing then… Oh well.

  12. I’d love to play the Starfy games. Shame we’ll probably never see them.

    As far as games not on this list go, I’d like to see Nintendo release The Mystery of Murasame Castle. It was some old Famicom game that was sort of like The Legend of Zelda except much faster paced, linear and you played as a samurai.
    I suppose I’d rather have a remake with the original packed in as a bonus or released on the VC. There’s pretty much no Japanese language in it whatsoever except for the time limit label and a sentence at the end, so it’s a game that would translate well.
    Plus the music was freakin’ awesome.

    Here’s a 10 minute speed run on You Tube of the game:

  13. I’d be surprised if these games didn’t eventually appear on the virtual console. Why not cash in on a virtual console exclusive game that will cost a fraction just to translate? Like they did with Sin and Punishment. I know I’d buy the Mother games.

  14. I’ve played a little bit of the Stafi games and they’re very fun and well-done. I’d love to see it translated.

    Also, I can’t say I was a real fan of Earthbound, but I really want to give Mother 3 a try.

  15. The Kururin games are pretty sweet. The original GBA title was great fun but short lived and not very challenging. The sequel which never came to Europe was meant to have improved on these elements.

  16. 🙁 You forgot Seiken Densetsu 3 (or Secret of Mana 2)! 🙁 Damn Nintendo and Square!

  17. Gah!!! Mother Series please Pretty please.
    I remember when I was a little girl hiding under my blankets with my blanket over the tv playing earthbound on the SNES so my mother wouldn’t know I was up playing a video game hehe.

    It has so many references to the current time, It was genius!

    I beg nintendo to release all 3 again. Maybe even beg some more for another earthbound even if they said they wouldn’t make another. (Maybe they are telling us that so we foam at the mouth when they release press for the next one?)

    Heres to wishing, Begging, Dreaming
    -Lady Cherry

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