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Surely it’s common knowledge among Nintendo fans that, in the U.S., Nintendo revived the home console industry after the video game crash of 1983. This was possible thanks to one of the most iconic gaming systems of all time: the NES.

I’ve just finished reading the book Console Wars by Blake J. Harris. It doesn’t go into much detail regarding the NES, but just reading about a small chunk of those bygone days has me wishing I could somehow go back and personally experience the revolution that was the NES. Because I was born in 1991, I essentially missed out on the whole thing.

But NES systems and games are plentiful to this day, which brings me to an idea I recently had:

I plan to replicate the feelings of yesteryear as best I can and write about it on Infendo.

The best part? This will be an ongoing experiment shaped by you, the readers. I hope it’s no secret I greatly enjoy interacting with fellow Nintendo fans. Every comment and suggestion you make will not got unnoticed by me, and chances for you to vote on which games I buy/play will be plentiful. And after I tackle the NES, there’s nothing stopping me from moving up to the GameBoy, the SNES and beyond.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this project, and as such, I’ve laid down some rules:

  1. I must replicate the original experience of playing a particular game as closely as possible. Meaning, if I can cheaply acquire an original NES cart, I must do so. However, playing games via the Virual Console on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS is not out of the question if getting an original copy proves too difficult.
  2. NES games are difficult compared with today’s games. For every game I play, I have 3 lifelines: 1) Use the internet 2) Ask the readers 3) Ask a friend (someone specific who I can get in contact with).

And that pretty much covers the rules. I would have made “Have Fun” a rule, but it’s implied, plus it’s way too cheesy and cliché.

I’ve already had some response to this on Twitter and Facebook, so if you’re wondering which game I plan to play first, well, here are a few options:

  • Recommended by Anthony DeVirgilis, StarTropics and Faxanadu.
  • Recommended by Justin Riley, Mike McSurdy, and Eric Abrams, DuckTales.
  • Recommended by Justin Riley and Eric Abrams, Paperboy.

Here comes your first chance to influence this entire undertaking: leave a comment below voting for the one game out of those four you most want me to play. Additionally, feel free to leave any suggestions you have beyond those alongside your vote, and they will also be considered for the future.

Beyond that, all I can say is welcome to this thing I’ve dubbed Retro Redux: NES Quest! Having missed out on so many classic NES games, I hope I can provide a fresh perspective on 80’s gaming that everyone involved will enjoy. Let the vidiocy commence!

Ways to follow the progress of Retro Redux:

Wii U Facebook Group

Twitter: @HollyFellmeth and @Infendo

My Nintendo Network ID: Aeroweth

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In addition to being a girl gamer, Holly prides herself on being a red-head. Consequently, the blue shell in the Mario Kart series is her natural enemy. Don't worry, though: she still loves Mario Kart and is very good, despite the occasional blue shell-sabotaged race. Like any Nintendo fan, Holly also loves Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, name it. But she'll try just about anything (besides horror games) and has a soft spot for unique, little-known rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Samba de Amigo. NNID: Aeroweth


  1. I say Star Tropics b/c I hear good things but never played it myself.

    And I’ve been online on MHTU the last 2 nights, where are you Aeroweth!

  2. How about I promise to be on after recording Infendo Radio Saturday night? That would be around 6:00pm PT, possibly earlier. 🙂

  3. I played through Castlevania all the way for the first time a few months ago. That game is brutal. If it wasn’t for save states I would have never made it through! Thank you Virtual Console LOL

  4. Noted. (And I may cheat a bit and play that one on Virtual Console also when I get to it) 😉

  5. And just play Metroid: Zero Mission on the GBA, way better version of the NES game

  6. Yes, I agree. I wandered around in Metroid for quite some time without really finding anything, whereas I got all the way to Kraid in Zero Mission! (Bit of sarcasm there.) But I will still try to play the original for the sake of this particular experiment.

  7. My votes for Duck Tales, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

  8. Battletoads. One of the first, maddeningly difficult games ever made, but actually quite fun. As for your games, I would have to say DuckTales.

  9. Just want to throw out another vote for Startropics, that game shaped my childhood, my aunt and I spent countless hours playing it when I was little.

  10. Awesome project. I’d have to agree with above Ducktales recommendations. I remember it as a dynamic open world, diamond collecting platformer with catchy tunes. Ducktales should still be addictive today.

    However, back in the days Faxanadu blew my mind. Maybe because it was my 2nd game ever… The combination of al these mysterious power ups, dark worlds and hypnotising music really sucked me into it. The passwords to continue are uhm…. special… 🙂

    Other recommends: battle of olympus, street gangs, bubble bobble, maniac mansion, double dragon II


  11. You know, it dawns on me: are we (you) intentionally skipping the well-known, well-played, “obvious” classics? You know, SMB (all of them), Zelda, Metroid, etc… Because if not, I think that changes some of the recommendations.

  12. I’ve got a whole list of games people have recommended so far. The games list is shaped entirely by the people. As far as well-known games go, I’ve got Zelda, SMB, SMB3, and Metroid on there. They haven’t been put to vote yet, but they probably will eventually, especially if more people recommend them. 😀

  13. I vote is for Star Tropics. Ive never played it an would love to hear your impressions. I have very very limited experience with 8-bit RPGs and have always been curious. PS Paperboy is fun but I think its something that you will be done with very fast. Its more like an arcade game.

  14. Out of your first batch, I would also vote Duck Tales because it’s relatively simple … so it will ease you back into the realm of “NES Hard” games. And, even though it’s relatively simple, it’s incredibly challenging to find a bunch of the secrets and actually get the best possible ending.

    Plus the music is excellent.

    Some additional suggestions that are a little off the beaten path: Solstice, Gunsmoke and Legend of Kage.

  15. I think this is a brilliant idea. I cast my vote for Ducktales! Just thinking back on that game makes me want to find a copy and play through it again. Heck I don’t think I have played it since the early 90’s.

  16. StarTropics.