Nobody likes Wiggler

Based on my unscientific observations, I’ve decided Wiggler is, by far, the least popular character in Mario Kart 7. In all my hundreds of online races, I’ve encountered him maybe twice. I’ve seen thousands of Metal Marios, Lakitus and Rosalinas, but players are shunning the gangly newcomer. Really, who can blame them? Wiggler looks awkward in any cart, his flailing arms are distracting and his voice–It makes Toad sound like Sinatra by comparison. There are, however, a few reasons to like the goofy caterpillar. The way he pretends to be an airplane when boosting is cute. He adds visual variety to the lineup. Best of all, he turns red and does the steam-loco whistle thing when he gets hit or loses. In fact, he’s got the best losing animation in the game. And, since I place 5th or worse most of the time, an entertaining losing animation is a very good thing. It sure beats seeing my Mii cry an ocean of tears onto the steering wheel. So, I decided to give Wiggler some needed track time. I created an alternate driver persona (“Ick A Bug!”), outfitted him with an appropriately annoying bumblebee racer with mushroom tires and daisy glider, and took him out into the unforgiving world of online Mario Kart. And, as I green-shelled myself and golden-shroomed right off the edge of Rainbow Road (standard procedure for me), I knew I’d at least get the pleasure of watching his ticked-off losing animation at race’s end. So…have any of you noticed a distinct lack of love for Wiggler? Have you braved the embarrassment of choosing him yourself? And why are so few people picking Donkey Kong? He’s got to be the second least-chosen. By the way, don’t forget: the next Infendo Community Race Meet is this Saturday at 7:00 PM U.S. Eastern! Community Code: 20-1691-6700-3942