Anyone else cave in and buy a case?


I repeatedly said I would never, ever, spend more cash to buy a case for the 3DS. But it’s so shiny…and I’m carrying it to work every day…and I really don’t want to scratch the outer lenses…

I ended up buying this Expedition Case by Power A for fifteen bucks. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. It includes cartridge pockets (6) and stylus holders (2). My only complaint involves the 3DS compartment’s loose fit–about a quarter inch of space lengthwise and width-wise for jostling around. I stuffed it with foam packing wrap from the original 3DS box. It’s not the perfect solution, but it does offer a bit of protection while still fitting a large jacket pocket.

My semi-retired fat blue DS isn’t happy about its “spoiled brat” successor, and I’m not surprised (When it first saw the newcomer’s 3D screen, it shouted “Witchcraft!” and hurled a stylus as a “howdy” gift).

If any of you have bought a 3DS case, please chime in with a description and the pros/cons of your purchase!



  1. I bought the plain-looking hard case from Hori. Holds 3 games and one stylus. It also has a little pocket that’s perfect for holding AR cards. Funnily enough, this case is also a little roomy for the system itself. Do any of these cases fit the 3DS snugly!?

  2. I don’t think I will be buying a case. My old Gameboy Color case fits my DSi (and my Gameboy Color :3) without much effort. So I’d imagine my 3DS wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

  3. I use my old ds case. Fits the 3ds perfect with no air space. I just couldn’t see buying a new one. plus this one has Mario and Luigi on the front.

  4. I am currently using a slipcover style case that I bought years ago for my ds lite. It fits perfectly, though it doesn’t hold any games, accessories, etc.

    I plan later to purchase another case made by PDP (is that a company name?), which carries up to 27 game cards, accessories AND keeps the 3DS in a bonus removable ‘travel pouch’. It comes in blue or black.

  5. The Club Nintendo pouches work like a dream except for perhaps impact resistance.

  6. Id love to see them restock the Nintendo Pouches, then I would get one of those. For now its naked

  7. I’m using my spare DS Lite case for the 3DS, since I sold my DS Lite for a DSi.

  8. My 3DS purchase from Future Shop came with a carry case & 3 extra stylus’ with the pre-order… its has two straps to hold the system room …a pouch for AR cards & some games…

  9. My one complaint about the 3ds is that the clamshell design doesn’t seal out dust when closed…. The DS Lite sealed up… Sad the 3ds doesn’t… Anywho, I have my 3ds in a pink poly anti-static bad to keep out dust and such. Dust annoys me.

  10. *bag… not bad.. lol nice one me.

  11. Redeemed my Gamestop points for a coupon for the zipper pouch one. Its actually not too bad, pretty roomy.

  12. I used clear tape to cover it lol.

  13. My old DSi case holds my 3DS! It’s Mario’s Overalls =D It also fits super snugly! =)

  14. I bought a skin from — great deal and good protection.

  15. Using my old Gameboy advance case. The non-sp version. This thing has held the GBA, psp, ds light, dsi, and now the 3ds.

  16. Using an old red DS case from my original DS phat.

  17. waiting for the Club Nintendo Pouches to come back in stock.

  18. bought the hori hard case , only one that doesn’t look terrible and is made very well.

    most shops only sell low budget casings

  19. I got the Executive Case, keeping it classy.

    3DS fits in snugly, though there is a little bit of exposure. It looks nice, seems like it will prevent most scratching/dents, and holds 2 games. Easy velcro access. Recommended.

  20. None. Don’t buy cases. I want mine to show its age. Nothing wrong with looking older.

    *cough, cough, weeze*

  21. I normally never buy cases but my ds lite took a lot of damage over here. To much dust and the triggers do not work any more(Note I have taken it apart and used rubbing alcohol on a q-tip) It work but after a few times the screws got kind of stripped.

    I bought the Hori Case. I like the case a lot for the small size but a few extra game spaces would have been nice. I also place the AR cards in the back pouch.

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