A great week for Virtual Consoles

3DS gets Kirby’s Dream Land and Wii gets Final Fantasy III (known as FF VI in Japan). Classic digital downloads rule the roost this week.

I have to admit, the 3DS Virtual Console has surprised me. It was the one feature I thought I’d never use, and now I’m about to purchase my third title. There’s a moral here somewhere about gameplay over graphics, but let’s just move along…

Kirby, like Mario and Donkey Kong before him, is going for the Nintendo Superstar Rate of $3.99. Is it worth it? I vote yes: though lacking many of the features of later Kirby adventures, Dream Land offers a short but extremely fun romp through some classic Nintendo surrealism. The black and white graphics, as with GB Donkey Kong, are sharp, well-designed and entertaining.

As for Final Fantasy III (The SNES release of FF VI) on Wii…If you’ve never played it, now’s as good a time as any to discover why this is considered the best of the sprite-based FFs and one of the best RPGs of all time. It opened many players’ eyes to the possibilities of using the medium to tell an epic, emotional story. And the music remains amazing.

Also available this week:


The Lost Town – The Dust
Boardwalk Ball Toss
Hearts Spades Euchre


Big Town Shoot Out

So, Nintendo fans, are any of these enough to make you take out the credit card?