New Theatrhythm DLC extends the already epic-length music game

The third round of DLC for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy landed today, adding another four classic FF soundtrack selections to the game’s minishop. Another four are due July 26th, which will bring the downloadable total up to 16 tunes available to add to the game’s built-in library of 70+ music tracks. The DLC costs 99 cents per selection. This is great news for North American FF music fan...

Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy strikes a sweet chord

Part parody and part shrine, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a must-buy for FF fans and a solid rhythm game for everyone else. Its gameplay is simple but challenging, unlockable content pours down in buckets, and — most importantly — it boasts the best soundtrack since Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

A great week for Virtual Consoles

3DS gets Kirby’s Dream Land and Wii gets Final Fantasy III (known as FF VI in Japan). Classic digital downloads rule the roost this week. I have to admit, the 3DS Virtual Console has surprised me. It was the one feature I thought I’d never use, and now I’m about to purchase my third title. There’s a moral here somewhere about gameplay over graphics, but let’s just mov...