Review – Jam City Rollergirls is an impressive WiiWare accomplishment

The first thing that struck me about Frozen Codebase’s new WiiWare title, Jam City Rollergirls, is that they crammed a lot into the restrictive file size of the Wii Shop Channel. For a game that combines Mario Kart [racing and power up items], Tony Hawk [skating and tricks], and roller derby action, they also managed to implement a rudimentary character generator for customization. Sure, it’s obvious that the same song plays over and over throughout the game, but you generally won’t notice it. Character animations are never jittery and the 3D environments stream by smoothly. Overall, it’s a very fun title.

On the downside, I think the game would’ve benefitted from the inclusion of a “classic” mode that would forgo the power up items and instead focus on the jams and scoring. That said, it’s still an impressive WiiWare title that is highly recommended for fans of the games that inspired it. Also, Frozen Codebase is a developer to keep an eye on.