Super Mario 3DS: the most wanted items

The items in a Mario title are what defines each game. Many of the items appear in almost every title such as the Fire Flower and Mushroom, while others have only appeared in a single title such as the Frog Suit. If I had it my way, the following items would make the cut for Super Mario 3DS because of their rarity and sheer awesomeness. What items did I choose? Read on to find out!

Game: Super Mario Bros. 3
Power up: Hammer Suit

When Koopalings saw Hammer Mario coming, they knew they were in for trouble. Often considered the best item in the game, the Hammer Suit has only appeared in one game, Super Mario Bros. 3. When wielding the Hammer Suit, Mario has the ability to throw an unlimited supply of hammers. These hammers travel in an arc and can defeat enemies that would normally be undamageable such as boos.

Game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Power up: Carrot

When Mario obtains the Carrot power up, he sprouts ears out of his hat and becomes Rabbit Mario. Rabbit Mario was only seen on the Game Boy title Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. This power up gives the user the ability glide in the air by holding the A button, while doing so on the ground would cause Mario to continuously jump.

Game: Super Mario 64
Power up: Metal Cap

When Mario transforms into Metal Mario by putting on the Metal Cap, he was nearly invincible for a short time. Because the metal suit was heavy, this gave Mario the ability to walk under water and avoid water currents. Mario also was able to kill enemies just by touching them, and was invulnerable to fire.

Game: Mario Bros.
Power up: Freezie

Freezie is an item whose characteristics have changed over the years. It was in the Mario Bros. arcade title that Freezie first made his appearance an enemy. He would emerge from the pipes just like any other enemy in the game, but when Freezie found the center of a platform, it would coat the entire platform with ice making it slippery and difficult to maneuver. In the Smash Bros. titles, combatants could use Freezie as a projectile which would freeze the opponent leaving them open to attack.

Game: Super Mario Bros. 3
Power up: Kuribo’s Shoe

This power up was only available in a single level, 5-3 of Super Mario Bros. 3. When inside the shoe, Mario could walk across the toothed enemies as well as hop on piranha plants. The GBA remake also had an unlockable e-Reader level “Castle a Go-Go” where the Kuribo’s Shoe was found in item blocks.

What classic items would you have in your ideal Super Mario 3DS

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