Heroes of Ruin drops in less than a month, have a gameplay trailer to help you wait it out [updated]


Heroes of Ruin was one of the best games I saw last year for 3DS at E3 2011, and by the looks of it, it seems as if it will be one of 2012’s best games for the system. Drop in, drop out online multiplayer? Diablo-esque gameplay on a handheld? Thousands of equipment combinations to chose from? Check, check, check…sign me up. Looks like we won’t have to wait much longer for the game to drop on 3DS consoles everywhere, seeing as how the stateside release date is July 17, and I for one can’t wait. Good thing we have a new gameplay trailer to hold us over until then.

Hot off the presses is another trailer from Square-Enix and n-Space, and while it doesn’t show very much more than we already knew about the game, it is exciting to have the game coming so close on the horizon. From my hands on with the game, it looks like Heroes of Ruin will scratch all of your dungeon crawling, loot grabbing, itches that you could possibly imagine, and then some. Games like this always live and die by their art style and attention to detail, which both of which rest assured Heroes of Ruin is ripe with, so it is exciting to see a project like this being released on a handheld. If all goes according to plan, come next month, we all will be voice-chatting and dungeon crawling with the best of them.

I haven’t seen very much coverage of this game on other game related websites as of late, and I have to ask, is anyone else even excited for this game? I know personally that this is one of my most anticipated titles on any console, period. What about you folks? Am I alone in my sentiment here?

[updated] As Twiilight_Prince points out below, the game has indeed been delayed. Earlier today n-Space updated their Facebook page to say as much.

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