Super Mario on 3DS, dissecting the details

So we have all seen the screenshots and the teaser logo for the very first 3DS Mario title, but in typical Nintendo style they kept all of the juicy info about the game to themselves. Well, only one thing to do in a time like this. Time to speculate!

Judging by the screenshots, I think it is safe to assume that Super Mario 3DS will be a Mario game of the 3D (as in 3D graphics) variety akin to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. I have a feeling that some side scrolling sequences will be thrown into the mix much like in Galaxy. Personally I think this is a mistake for Nintendo based on  the sales of New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii which each have sold over 20 million units a piece.

If you studied the pictures long enough (like one Infendo writer did) you would notice something that Mario is lacking in one of his screenshots. Mario’s hat is gone and he seems to be small Mario. What can we take this to mean? I have a feeling that with Super Mario 3DS we will see the return of the ‘get hit and get shrunk’ game mechanic that was brought to the series in the NES original and the removal of the health bar…er circle that all previous 3D mario titles have utilized.  My hope is also the return of some classic Super Mario 64 hat power ups such as metal Mario and wing cap Mario.

The final clue that Nintendo gives us of the game is in the temporary logo that was revealed in which we see a tail that looks very much like the tail in the logo for Super Mario Bros. 3. I don’t see how this can mean anything less than the return of raccoon suit Mario and if we are lucky, tanooki suit Mario. These are by far my favorite power ups in the Mario universe bar none. It should be interesting to see how the flying controls in 3D (again, 3D graphics).

No matter what ends up being in the final product, you can count on Nintendo to bring the whimsy. I trust Miyamoto and his crew deliver a triple A title worthy of the Mario name.

What do you think Infendo? What powers ups will Mario be smashing enemies with? What do you want to see in Mario’s next adventure?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. first
    the inevitability of this game was one of the biggest factors in my preordering a 3ds so i am glad it was announced so soon, i think raccoon suit is a near certainty but i think goin back to shrinking and ditching the health bar would be really cool i hope thats why mario is missing his hat


  3. I’m glad it’s not another “New Super Mario Bros.” game. After all, what more could they do? In any case, the screenshots look a little too “Galaxy-ish”, as I was hoping for something more unique and different. Still, the idea of bringing back the whole shrinking mechanism and the possible return of the Racoon suit (among others) fills my heart with glee! Can’t wait! ^_^


  5. @NekoKnight

    Keen eye!!!

  6. I would say the screenshots seem more as if it was a mix of 3D and sidescrolling. But mostly sidescrolling. It seemed as if in the first pic Mario had just entered a level and the camera was doing a pan around him.

  7. Is it possible that this will just be a remake of Super Mario 3?

    Super Mario 3… Super Mario 3DS…

    Super Mario 3 is critically acclaimed as one of the best games of all time. Hm… I wonder if there is another top hit that Nintendo is making for the 3DS… Hey, listen!

  8. instant buy , nintendo could rob all my money and i would still be happy

  9. if thats really then case, then also add turbo back too to make the controls feel really retro.

    i think that its is definitely a possiblity, that super mario 3DS is the super mario 3 remake in 3D. what would make it really cool would be online coop with luigi since they would be remaking everything anyway. i always loved playing smb3 with a friend, but realtime coop would just take it to another level.

    i agree that this looks too galaxyish. a different art style would have been cool at this point, similar to what they did with link in windwaker.

  10. I’m sure it’ll be “Super Mario Bros. 3D” with the obvious tie back to Super Mario Bros. 3. And it’ll be amazing.

    Dear Nintendo, here is my wallet. Enjoy.

  11. I hope they forgo adding “3d” to the title (fyi, this one is a working title and design). I also hope they use the 3D levels as they use the 2D side-scrolling levels in Mario Galaxy 2: Sparingly.

    Everything from the logo font to the racoon tail to the small Mario hint this will have tons in common with Super Mario Bros. 3. That’s a GOOD thing!

    Also, from what I’ve been reading about prolonged playtime with the 3DS, the 3D slider migrates lower and lower with each passing day. People seem to get literally exhausted by the 3D. I hope the Mario title is an expertly crafted 2D adventure with 3D elements that enhance—not overpower.

    In any event my wallet’s with David’s: In Nintendo’s pocket.

  12. “Personally I think this is a mistake for Nintendo based on the sales of New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii which each have sold over 20 million units a piece.”

    You’re thinking like a businessman, and not like a game designer. Sure, Nintendo could make another 2D sidescrolling game, but what good would that make? If I was a game designer, I wouldn’t do it on the 3DS right away. Miyamoto has always said that the problem with 3D platformers is that you can’t judge the distance between the blocks and the platforms, and so it is difficult to play for beginners. Now with the stereoscopic 3D visuals, platforming should be MUCH more intuitive for people who are not used to gaming like this. Personally, I think it is a brilliant move for Nintendo to make a 3D platformer Mario game on the 3DS.

    Onto the game itself, I’m glad to see it’s a throwback to old school rules like shrinking Mario, and no healthbar. Also, it seems like it will be pure platforming levels without the space theme that was in Galaxy. All the levels seem flat and whimsical like Mario 64 where suspension of disbelief was enough to have level design, without saying it was in space to justify crazy level design.

  13. I’ve been hoping for a return of the raccoon tale for a while now. I don’t see any other reason for the logo to look the way it does.

    I imagine we’ll see a couple new power-ups as well, like we have with every other iteration of the franchise. Maybe some Yoshi action, too? Who knows :)? Whatever the case, I know Nintendo will deliver a good game.

    One thing that’s bugging me, though, is that the screenshots seem to indicate a return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Nothing against the Mushroom Kingdom itself, but if that’s the route Nintendo is going, they’ll be hard-pressed to come up with something as wow-inducing as the Galaxy setup.

  14. To me, it looks like a godly mix of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros!

    As for a Super Mario Bros 3 remake, I highly doubt… As for return of the raccoon power up or tanooki suit, I see it very plausible and likely from the hint in the title! The fact that he shrinks seems to imply they have taken some of the best mechanics from the side scrolling games, the level design seems similar to 64, and the graphics remind me of actually a mixture of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy. I usually get excited seeing pictures of not even fully announced games, but this is the most excited I’ve ever been since the reveal of 3DS! I hope the game itself proves to be as good to play as it is at making me excited! OH and I really do hope the Koopalings are in this one as well! Sure they had their first “3D” appearance, but it was still a sidescroller! I want to know how they would attack in a 3D environment!

  15. There was a brief shot of a Mario game in the E3 (?) 3DS trailer – the one where Miyamoto and Iwata get sucked into the system – with a giant Bowser chewing up the stage as the “characters” ran toward the screen. Maybe that’s another piece of the Super Mario 3D game?

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