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Super Mario 3DS to include more than just the Tanooki Suit

This months issue of Official Nintendo Magaize  UK (ONM) has an interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi that should excite long time fans of the Mario franchise. “I can’t reveal the actual number of power-ups in the game right now,” says Koizumi, “but suffice to say that we do try to include enough so that people can enjoy a variety of different kinds of play experiences in the title.”...

How do you feel about the Game Over screen?

Wired has a great piece up on how video game developers have dealt with in-game death over the years. From the power-up mushroom in Mario to the Regenerative Shields in Halo, developers have been tackling creative ways for players to ”˜die’ or ”˜fail’ for years. I am of the camp that would like to see less ”˜fail-states’ in gaming, because let’s be honest, nobody likes to ...

Super Mario 3DS: the most wanted items

The items in a Mario title are what defines each game. Many of the items appear in almost every title such as the Fire Flower and Mushroom, while others have only appeared in a single title such as the Frog Suit. If I had it my way, the following items would make the cut for Super Mario 3DS because of their rarity and sheer awesomeness. What items did I choose? Read on to find out!

Oh hells yeah

Contra Spread Shot t-shirt wins at life. This power-up (remember when they called ’em power ups!?) is still the best in gaming history.