Nintendo partnering with EA for Wii U online?

Nintendo knows online multiplayer as well as Microsoft knows original games.

In other words, not much.

Which is why the former is reportedly working with EA to have them power Wii U’s online multiplayer and digital distribution. “An anonymous source, claiming to be working within Electronic Arts, says that the company is in talks to make Origin, EA’s digital games distribution platform, an integral part of the Wii U online service,” says Venture Beat. “The previously reliable site WiiUGo quotes the source as saying that EA are ‘aggressively persuading Nintendo to go Origins exclusive with Wii U’s online.'”

I like that Nintendo is conceding help. Not sure the fledgling Origin, or EA’s previous efforts powering select online Wii games, is enough to entice non-EA publishers to participate.

If they really want to gain some online steam, use Valve’s solution. Am I wrong?

18 Responses to Nintendo partnering with EA for Wii U online?

  1. shy_guy says:

    I am hopeful that a partnership like this will help improve the online services of Nintendo products; however, I fear that since Nintendo is not very savvy in this area, they may not make the best decision.

  2. NZA36 says:

    I would prefer Steam, but to see Nintendo reach out for any help is a at least something good.

  3. Brian says:

    As long as Wii U doesn’t become the EA advertising station, I guess it’s ok.

  4. EdEN says:

    Sorta makes sense but I’d go with Steam instead of Origin.

  5. Blaise says:

    I rather have Nintendo not use online capabilities at all than partner with EA. Yesterday I thought about preordering the Wii U. After hearing this, if it’s true, I’m no longer considering it. Steam was the right way to go, and I’m sure Nintendo had their backs up against the wall with EA. Highly disappointing

  6. Kaiser Soze says:

    “If they really want to gain some online steam, use Valve’s solution. Am I wrong?”

    No, you are not wrong.

    Having Steam on WiiU would be killer app. That would convince every single hardcore gamer to buy a Nintendo home console.

    Half Lige Source 🙂

  7. baelnic says:

    I don’t understand everyone’s hard-on for Steam. Is it the sales? Well if Big N partners with Steam they aren’t going to have those 75% off sales that everyone loves.

    What I worry about is that the Xbox Fifa hack is likely EA’s fault. Steam was recently hacked. I know for sure that a Nintendo partnership with another company with leave it more vulnerable to attack (not that single ownership matters, see Sony 2010).

    One thing I can hope with the EA partnership is multiplatform chat and gaming. That would be nice.

  8. monkat says:

    I have three complaints about Nintendo’s internet capability.

    1. Bloody friend codes. Got better with 3DS, but still not good.
    2. Underpowered servers make playing a hassle.
    3. No reliable and even mediocre-quality voice chat.

    None of those are particularly fixable by getting EA in on this, really. Or Steam. They need to hire one extra guy who gets this stuff-Nintendo already has plenty of brilliant engineers capable of building a reliable network.

  9. Hyawatta says:

    I don’t just want both; I want them all!

    At least Valve is being reasonable. Nintendo should not give in to EA’s push for exclusivity. Either have them both or just have Steam and retain the ability to allow services to be on Wii U too. If the Wii U exclusively uses Origin, then that’s it. No more flexibility. However, if it remains open, it can have Steam, OnLive, and any other service that wants to be on the Wii U. If we don’t get Steam it’ll be because Nintendo chose to give in to EA’s want for exclusivity. If we don’t get Origin, it’ll be because EA is trying to punish Nintendo for retaining their open structure and allowing Steam and other services to be on the Wii U.

    The battles of digital warfare are fierce. This reminds me of when Gamestop took the OnLive coupons out of the retail versions of Deux Ex. I want to have all of these services available and not be forced into having limited options. I believe that Nintendo would completely redeem themselves in terms of online capability if they offered a variety of digital services that we could acquire our games from. Just imagine having Steam, Origin, and OnLive all on the Nintendo Wii.

  10. I always assumed Nintendo’s lack of an online system was a result of them simply not taking it online gaming seriously, not because they were incapable of developing one. I’d rather Nintendo built their own custom system in house. I mean they even have Xbox Live as the perfect example. This is NOT the sort of third party support I was expecting to see.

  11. baelnic says:

    So, other than price, is there any difference between Steam and Origins other than our preconceived fandom/fan-rage of the companies behind them?

  12. The Adza says:

    I’d like to place a bet that Nintendo will make the stupid decision and go with Origin.

  13. deepthought says:

    origin’s exclusivity is a shame, as is the eula.

    plus they are still pulling their act together after the not so smooth BF3 launch.

    steam does seem more reasonable.

  14. Mohan says:

    I read online that EA and Valve were persueing to get on Wii U as the online provider. Either would be good, and hell of a lot better than what the Wii has.

  15. Warren says:

    Origin is new – Nintendo could probably get better terms with Origin than they would the much more entrenched Steam.

    Nintendo realizing they aren’t the best with online stuff is a good thing, wherever they go.

  16. InvisibleMan says:

    That’s really good news… the Wii U won’t get anywhere without a good online service.

    Micrsoft already had a very robust online network years before Xbox LIVE was launched, it’s not the kind of service you just add on to your console, it has to be a big part of your business already. Nintendo partnering with a 3rd party to develop its online service was inevitable and a good thing.

  17. Toadofsky says:

    Considering how many problems that people have had with EA’s Origins service, I really hope that Nintendo WON’T go with it.

    But they’re desperate to keep EA putting their garbage on their system I guess they’ll do anything.

    I don’t trust EA, never have. They’ve repeatedly been at a impass with Nintendo on several things. But this just sounds like either EA is forcing this on them, or Nintendo just wants to be lazy and have someone else take care of the internet connectivity.

  18. Craig says:

    I’m pretty sure the user won’t be able to tell EA’s service is being used. I’m guessing this will be all on the backend. I believe Mario Kart Wii uses GameSpy’s technology for matchmaking and to me that game is perfect online. Notice there’s no branding for the GameSpy service though. Origin will probably be the same.

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