Nintendo partnering with EA for Wii U online?

Nintendo knows online multiplayer as well as Microsoft knows original games.

In other words, not much.

Which is why the former is reportedly working with EA to have them power Wii U’s online multiplayer and digital distribution. “An anonymous source, claiming to be working within Electronic Arts, says that the company is in talks to make Origin, EA’s digital games distribution platform, an integral part of the Wii U online service,” says Venture Beat. “The previously reliable site WiiUGo quotes the source as saying that EA are ‘aggressively persuading Nintendo to go Origins exclusive with Wii U’s online.'”

I like that Nintendo is conceding help. Not sure the fledgling Origin, or EA’s previous efforts powering select online Wii games, is enough to entice non-EA publishers to participate.

If they really want to gain some online steam, use Valve’s solution. Am I wrong?