SEGA unveils Sonic Boom for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

SEGA is planning to unleash an ambitious new marketing campaign featuring none other than the blue blur himself, Sonic. Coming later this year, Sonic Boom will be released on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, along with a CG animated series of the same name on Cartoon Network. Sonic and his friends will be sporting new character designs in the series, and all sorts of merchandise is going to accompany the TV series/video games. Additionally, the story told in the video games will serve as a prequel to that told in the TV show.

For more information, check out this article on SEGA’s blog and the games’ trailer below:

10 Responses to SEGA unveils Sonic Boom for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

  1. DevinShadowV says:

    At least it’s not made by Sonic Team that had buried the franchise to the ground.

  2. The Adza says:

    Looks good, but as always with a Sonic game, I need to wait and see. Not impressed with Knuckles design, but it’s to fit in with the new show, so it has it’s own canon and style away from the normal series.

  3. Lord Lemmy says:

    The one thing I’ve been wondering the entire time is “Is there an actually purpose for all those bandage wraps around their arms, legs, hands, and shoes??”

  4. @Lord Lemmy: I’m wondering the same thing. You know it’s overboard when even I notice it. Sonic and Knuckles look like they’re in the process of being mummified, haha!

  5. The Adza says:

    Maybe they have been burned or something.

  6. Mattiac says:

    Sonic boom? Isn’t that Guile’s thing? 😛

  7. @The Adza: Ooh, a more mature kind of Sonic. I’d be all for that, haha! Too bad that’s probably not the case, though. *Sigh* With all the toys and stuff, it’s going to be geared toward kids more than anyone else.

  8. mcase says:

    THe game will suck. Sonic sucks. Sega never learns.

  9. mcase says:

    This is why mario won the 16 bit genesis vs SNES era. Mario is still going strong and sonic continues to suck. I hate Sega. I never understood why the Sega Genesis was so popular. The SNES destroyed it in every way. Nintendo is a powerhouse. 🙂

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