Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, will focus on games releasing through Spring 2014


Nintendo Direct 12.18.2013Yet another Nintendo Direct will grace us tomorrow, December 18, at 6:00 AM PT. According to Nintendo, the Direct will focus on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games that will be launching through Spring 2014. That includes the likes of Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (both for Wii U), and Bravely Default (for 3DS owners in North America).

I’m expecting the Direct to place special emphasis on Mario Kart 8, as we have very limited information or game footage on it. What do you hope to see in the broadcast?

In addition to being a girl gamer, Holly prides herself on being a red-head. Consequently, the blue shell in the Mario Kart series is her natural enemy. Don't worry, though: she still loves Mario Kart and is very good, despite the occasional blue shell-sabotaged race. Like any Nintendo fan, Holly also loves Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, name it. But she'll try just about anything (besides horror games) and has a soft spot for unique, little-known rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Samba de Amigo. NNID: Aeroweth


  1. I have been very depressed as of late no thanks due to Nintendo World Report and its podcast, Radio Free Nintendo. They were saying that there is no hope for Wii ndand that things will just get worse and not better. Also, that Nintendo can’t save Wii U adn that it is a failure. That recent podcast has made me stop listening to them anymore

    The wii U may be facing tough times, but I highly doubt it will flop. Nintendo knows its fans and if anything, iti will get better. We just need to give it some time.

    Having read this article about Nintendo having a direct tomorrow focusing on games next year has lifted my spirits.

  2. Super Mario 3D Worlds is awesome adn the Wii U has great games for it. I love my wii U adn am glad I got it. I am a die hard Nintedno fan adn love their games. I bought 3D world adn love it. That with zelda wind w and who knows what else Nintedno has lined up for next year adn the Wii U isi looking better. aker, Rayman Legends, Pidmin 3, Mario 3d World, and the upcoming smash bros, and Mario Kart

  3. I am sure we will see a release date for smash bros for wii U adn 3ds as well as mario kart 8. We may get surprises as well. we shall wait adn see. By the way, I love listening to Infendo Radio. You guys are my number one podcast. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. @Mcase – what would have to happen for you to consider the Wii U not to be a “flop”? Is it a certain number of units sold?

    I’d argue that it already is a flop.

  5. I get on Infendo, see a new topic with 4 comments, I think “oh cool! A discussion I can involve myself in!”

    Nope, just MCase-cubed.

    >_< Anyway I'm hoping for more MK8 info. Wii Sports Club is gonna go under maintenance during the Direct so mayhaps they'll release Golf or Baseball tomorrow.

  6. Not a bad prediction about Wii Sports Club! I hadn’t put two and two together. 😉

  7. Smash Brothers will have some role in the Direct, as Sakurai mentions it by name in his latest photo on Miiverse.

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