3DS might not launch in 2011, Reggie Mistaken?

According to “sources” close to “Nintendo” at “Kotaku,” Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime may have been “mistaken” when he told Jimmy Fallon that the 3DS would be launching “Next Year.”

Did Reggie forget to use the word “in” before “next year,” to cover his bases?  Maybe. Was the NOA President misinformed about the release plans for Nintendo’s next big handheld? Probably not.  Should we treat unnamed parties as confirmed reliable “sources?” No. We really shouldn’t, but let’s stay hopeful – if this rumor really is true, it means we might see the 3DS by the end of 2010.  Confirmed? No? Hopeful, yeah sure.

We’ll update you when we get a source with a name.