“Bottom-up GTA on the Wii?” Yes, please, Reggie says

I think we’ve visited this topic before, perhaps in 2007, but once again NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime was singing the praises of Take Two and Grand Theft Auto. As for a GTA game on the Wii? Take Two should probably take note that it shouldn’t be a port. That might make Reggie angry, and you don’t want to see Reggie when he’s angry…

All I can tell you is that since the day I walked in the door, I’ve had a very good relationship with the folks at Take Two, continue to have a good relationship. And so in our view we want just the best content coming on our platforms… You know, a GTA on the Wii is all based on what Rockstsar and Take Two want to do. And again, from our standpoint, if they build a bottoms-up game that takes advantage of what we do well, I’d love to see it on the platform

So many veiled little comments in that statement. I assume he means “no dead hookers of any kind” by that last sentence, or something. Anyone have any thoughts on what a great “bottom up,” or original GTA game on the Wii should look like?