Nintendo Delays 64 GB Switch Card Launch To 2019

Nintendo Delays 64 GB Switch Card Launch To 2019

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, then you probably feel the 32 GB Game Cards cramp your style. Our friends and acquaintances who play on the Xbox One and PS4 enjoy 50 GB of storage for their favourite games. Nintendo’s new 64 GB cards have been a long time coming. But the Wall Street Journal has just announced that the wait for these cards will be longer. Nintendo had originally planned to launch the 64 GB Switch cards in the second half of 2018. Instead, they’ll be launched in 2019. There have been reports of some technical issues with the new cards.

Why Nintendo Switch is Worth It

If you’re wondering whether to get the Nintendo Switch at this point, and the delay of the 64 GB cards will affect your decision, you may want to think about the benefits of the Nintendo Switch. You can play your favourite games online on the go these days, Nintendo Switch uses game cards instead of discs so that the system is more portable. You can play your favourite casino games on Switch while you’re travelling, the Nintendo Switch card makes it easy for you to play your games without lugging a big game disc along. The portable Nyko dock gives you even more freedom to play wherever you want. The UK online casino houses a wide range of various casino games that can be played online anytime and anywhere!

What the Delay Means to You

There are a few things that the delay in the 64 GB card’s launch will mean for you. A lot more people prefer downloading games these days than carrying external storage around. But there are people who like to have their games stored in external discs. The delay in the launch of the 64 GB card means that large sized games for Nintendo that were to be released in 2018 will have to be delayed. The Wall Street Journal reports that many game companies in the US that make large games will push back their game releases until the 64 GB card is released. Meanwhile, you could spend some of your time playing games at Plush Casino.

What Critics are Saying About this delay

While many people are eagerly waiting for the 64 GB Switch cards, not everyone is looking forward to the launch. Some game developers have said that they are not certain the Switch cards will be able to support such games heavy on the data, whether the 64 GB card is available.

In fact, most of Nintendo’s best games are quite small. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance, takes up less than 16 GB of space. The Nintendo Switch was launched recently in 2017 and quickly sold more than 10 million units. Game developers are eyeing this market. But most Switch games are unlikely to need the kind of storage space that the delayed cards will offer. Either way, it will be interesting to see what offerings these new cards will bring.