Amazon Wii pre-orders gone in matter of hours

The Wii pre-order situaiton is still hazy at best, with places like Lik-Sang touting sketchy no money down pre-orders since early September and the Nintendo World Store NYC having “100 to 300” pre-order slots available for those gamers lucky enough to get there in person to snatch them up.

Today, we can add another to the pile as Amazon opened a small window for Wii pre-orders on Friday, Sept. 15 in the early morning hours for those lucky enough to discover it. And by small I mean this: The window opened “sometime in the morning” and by 11 a.m. CT (10 a.m. EST), it was already closed. The pre-order mania bumped the Wii to #6 on the most popular game hardware chart without a single actual console being shipped.

One of the lucky ones said “Amazon offered preorders with Wii Sports included for $249 today. With 1 day expedited shipping ran $283.83. No absurd bundle required.”

Gone in a matter of hours. Great news. We’ve already had one commenter who said the NWS gave him two preorders today (the max allowed) — anyone here a lucky duck with Amazon?