Nintendo blames lack of games, not immovable console price, for declining Wii sales

_imageThe Wii currently holds the record for being the first console to last three years without a price drop. At least that what’s the clerk at GameStop told me, so it’s gotta be true! So just how long will the record last? It seems like the company is shooting for at least four years, maybe even five, if recent comments from the company are to be believed.

When asked at a “recent investor meeting” if Nintendo is planning a price cut for Wii to combat slowing hardware sales, company president Satoru Iwata said “no” without really saying no. “I think the current decline in hardware sales is due to the fact that there aren’t many big titles (at the moment),” Iwata said, without pointing to the recently released Wii Sports 2. “So right now, there aren’t a lot of (internal) discussions going on about hardware pricing.”

Translation: Wii will sell for $250 in 2010, assuring the 50 million current owners that they were right not to wait for a price drop.