Bloomberg: Wii wins January

This is news, because it is indicative of a trend:

Nintendo Co.’s Wii outsold Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 during January as consumers bought 436,000 of the video-game consoles.

Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 was the second-most purchased machine with sales of 294,000, followed by PlayStation 3 with 244,000, Credit Suisse analyst Heath Terry said today in a report, citing NPD Group Inc. data.

Wii is outselling PlayStation 3 by almost 2-to-1, the report said. Consumers have been attracted to Wii’s price, at half the cost of the least-expensive PlayStation 3, and a wireless controller that can be swung like a bat or tennis racket during play

Smells like a winner to me (And yes, the image is the Wii mooning the competition).