Nintendo holds back, shuffles Japanese Wii/DS supply

Nintendo shuffles productStay away from the Internet today. Why? Well, Nintendo has allegedly dialed back its Wii and DS supply in Japan, and the weekly sales totals are smaller than they have been in quite a while.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to deftly dodge, duck and barrel roll yourself past all the spin and fanboy nonsense today that says Nintendo’s Ivory Tower is crumbling and will soon collapse under the wait of a Big Daddy and a drunken, unwieldy dragon.

Nonsense, all of it. Wired’s Chris Kohler seems to think that this means Nintendo is preparing for the holiday; or it’s moving product to the States and Europe because of Metroid Prime 3’s successful release; or both.

Regardless, his closing thought is what really matters: “One thing’s for sure: the competition’s never going to catch up.” he said.