Meat Boy A Possibility In Next Super Smash Bros?


Details for the next Super Smash Bros. title for the Wii U and 3DS are few and far between. Other than the fact that Namco Bandai will be pulling the heavy lifting in developing both versions and that the roster could be significantly smaller, Nintendo has stated recently that E3 2013 will offer the first look into the next iteration of the popular fighting franchise. In the meantime, the creators of Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, have expressed a huge desire to have Meat Boy join the cast of the next Smash Bros. A surprise statement, both McMillen and Refenes feel that having the character join the roster (which has its fair share of speculation) would be a great opportunity for the members of Team Meat to finally work on a Nintendo platform. The creators also state that putting the character in for free would not be bothersome.

I want Meat Boy to be in Smash Bros. That would be the one reason I’d really want to develop for a Nintendo console.”

“That would be amazing!” Tommy adds. “If they could guarantee us Meat Boy would be in Smash Bros., we would do something.”

“Nintendo are you listening? Smash Bros! We would ask for nothing in return. Just f***ing use the character. Put him in the game. It’s free!”

With the ever-growing speculation as to what characters (non-Nintendo IPs or not) will be featured, would Meat Boy be a sufficient choice for the next Smash Bros? If so, who else would you like to see, given the possibility of a smaller roster?

Harrison Milfeld is a writer, editor, and freelance journalist from Missouri. Ever since he could walk, Harrison has been an avid fan of the world of Nintendo. For years, he has purchased every one of the company's subsequent products (yes, including the Virtual Boy and eReader). It wasn't until he was a young teen when he bought a PS2 that he began to embrace cross-console relations, a decision he doesn't regret. When he's not gaming, Harrison is looking to break into the magazine journalism industry and realize his dream of becoming a features reporter.