UPDATE: Mario Strikers kicks mucho trash (awesome)!

There’s no need to be coy. Mario Strikers Charged is the freshest, best-looking, best presented, best sounding, and funnest game I’ve played on Wii in a long time, maybe all year. Granted, I’ve only played it for the last 45 minutes, but I’m already sold on all counts. And yes, Wii is officially online and it’s a lot of fun. Not perfect, but at this price (free), I love it! I’ll try and pipe in later with more details, but fire away with any questions in the comments and for those who own the game, let us know what you think.

Look for me! Blake: 498322 937316 (My Wii code: 8360 6162 3529 4214)

UPDATE: I am commandeering this thread with an update to post my own Strikers code — 223445 116933 — and to encourage Infendo readers to continue to post theirs in the comments. Great game! — Jack