Major Wii U Spring Update Coming Next Week

wii u menu os

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo confirmed that the long-awaited Wii U OS update will be arriving sometime next week. The update includes major improvements to the Wii U’s sluggish loading times, along with a slew of other features such as the Wii U Virtual Console (Edit: Nintendo has stated the Wii U VC will be available the day after the update). As mentioned, the loading times  from switching between software and menus will be vastly improved, which many Wii U owners have been clamoring for since the console’s release in November 2012. In addition to these improvements,  little features such as pressing the B button while booting up the Wii U console will automatically send you into Wii mode without the hassle of going through the OS menu.

This update will be the first of two major updates coming to the Wii U OS, with the second scheduled to be released sometime in Summer 2013.

So, with these improvements coming next week, what other features do you hope Nintendo implements to the Wii U OS?

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