Mario Tennis Open slices onto 3DS this year

There are just some games that make sense to bring to 3DS, and Mario Tennis is definitely one of them. Last year Nintendo teased that a Mario Tennis game was in development, and in today’s Nintendo Direct video, made it official. Mario Tennis Open will be released May 25 in Japan and May 20 in North American territories.

The game will feature traditional button controls, as well as touch screen and gyro-controls. Probably the most important news about the game is the ability to play online, with weekly and monthly leaderboards. Of course the game will also feature local play, allowing you and up to three friends to play together.

As a fan of the series since its inception, this is right on the top of my must have game of the year for 3DS. Hopefully the wait for the game won’t be to antagonizing, battling against the Infendo community sound like a ball. I cant wait to get in on all the racket!

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