Legacy of Ys: Books I and II delayed


So according to an Atlus update, the Legacy of Ys DS game is going to have a special premium box. Each copy is going to be turned into that box and it will include a special soundtrack CD. However there is now a small catch for this new little soundtrack CD…

“What’s the catch?” We’re glad you wondered. Alas, we’ll be delaying Legacy of Ys a couple weeks, a trifle really, to beef up the game’s launch. It’s going to be a harder year for buying every game you want, [Atlus] Faithful, and we want to make sure that any of you who invest[s] in an Atlus product feel like you’re getting your full money’s worth, beyond just the action RPG awesomeness that awaits you inside this particular package.

Who cares if it is a delayed a bit, we still get a CD full of awesome music. Anyone disagree with that!? No one!? That is what I thought.

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  1. As long as it’s released in the UK, Ys has awesome music, I WANNIT!

  2. Shakes fist at sky: NOOOOOOooooooo…..

    Actually, there’s so much to play now, one more RPG is the last thing I need!!

  3. Hey David, It’s too games in one.

  4. i normally dont care when a game gets delayed as long as the game is good when its released
    I cant wait till i can get it

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