Japan Everyone gets USB keyboard support

Wii USBDan in Japan writes us today with some cool news out of Japan: USB keyboard support has arrived for the Internet Channel!

I live in Aomori Japan and I noticed that lovely blue glow hit my Wii just about 15 minutes ago. Looks like Nintendo just released a new updates for parental controls as well as new versions of the Internet and Everybody Votes Channels that finally allow for USB Keyboard support. I had to re-download the software from the shopping channel at no cost but I just plugged in my USB keyboard to take the new Internet Channel for a spin and it seems to work as advertised. For Japanese Wii users the kanji conversion seems to work as normal.

Dan says it isn’t too amazing, but it is an improvement. I wouldn’t mind the update myself here in the States, but then again I am pretty used to searching out each individual letter with the pointer. Oh wait, no I’m not.

Can anyone else confirm this?

UPDATE: CONFIRMED, thanks! Also, an update just arrived from Opera on this:

Also new with this release is the ability to download Opera Widgets (http://widgets.opera.com) to the Wii using Widget View Mode. Widgets available now include calendars, news readers, Internet radios and other applications.