More from the Perrin Kaplan show

Perrin Kaplan needs her own sitcom. Or comic strip. Or something. At DICE this week, Kaplan did as Kaplan does and tossed out a few verbal gems to the gaming community.

Kaplan says of the two system launches in November:

“Well, we didn’t have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system. So there’s one sign of the different approaches between our two companies … I think Sony’s efforts were in trying to get the core gamer to accept and adopt it, which for them in the PS2 era, spread to the mass consumer. I think we were just really prepared. Years of experience doing this ensured that we would have a very good launch.”

Kaplan also addresses online play (“worldwide online play is a priority for Nintendo and you will see it”), and the infamous Nintendo Drought:

“I think if we had just taken the whole package, here are all the channels, here are all the online games, here are the Miis, the news, the weather, I just think it would have overloaded the mass consumer. So instead we began rolling everything out in a fashion where people can really understand it … We have more things coming, and online is definitely one of them.”

Mmm. Marketing spin. Gotta love it.

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