Virtual Console’s hidden "Warp Zone"

A not so well hidden “Warp Zone” has popped up in the Virtual Console Channel on European consoles.

Wandering onto the Virtual Console to check out the latest update, we spotted a text-drawn smiley face on the front page which, when clicked, took us to a “secret” page of the Virtual Console.

The following page reads: “Welcome to the Warp Zone! … Congratulations, you’ve discovered the Virtual Console’s hidden area. This is your secret doorway into another dimension; a portal into the past, if you will.”

The page goes on to reveal that the Warp Zone is where Nintendo will build up a collection of interesting facts and trivia about its biggest characters, starting with a historical look at Kirby.

For all it’s secrets, however, the European Warp Zone did not disclose when, if ever, online play was coming to the Wii.