Its official Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut for Wii U



After yesterdays premature Amazon listing, Square-Enix officially confirmed today that Deux Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is coming to the Wii U.

In addition a Eurogamer interview published today with Deus Ex executive game director Jean-Francois Dugas and game designer Emile Pedneault shed some light on some new features we can expect for the Directors Cut edition. These should address some of the negative comments from the initial releases, including reworked boss battles, more stealth options and improved AI.

As for Wii U specifics we get all the DLC on disc, significantly improved graphics, Miiverse integration and the Wii U GamePad is used as a ‘Neural Hub’ which lets you view maps, radars, smart vision, enemy health, armour and more.

In conclusion this is definitely shaping up to be the definitive Deus Ex experience and a big improvement over the already critically acclaimed original released in 2011 making great use of Wii U’s unique features and beefier horsepower.


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