Nintendo Web Framework: the Indie developers are coming


Seemingly out of nowhere during GDC 2013, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Web Framework which is a development environment based on WebKit technologies, supporting application development on the Wii U system using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

What this potentially means is that Nintendo is lightening up its attitude towards smaller indie developers, currently making great games and applications for browsers and smart phones. If this is truly the case, I can imagine that allot of these developers would be curious enough or who have been brought up on Nintendo classics to bring their own games over to the Wii U, myself included! It is also worth noting Nintendo usage of ‘applications’ in addition to games. Will we see a big push from Nintendo to get non-game apps found mostly on phones and not game consoles over to the Wii U as a unique deferential from the competition, taking full advantage of its touch screen control.

If you are an indie developer and are interested in creating applications and games for the Wii U with these development technologies check out this link  to let Nintendo know!


Lewis Pugh is a game developer at Leuvsion ( for mobile platforms, born and bred on Nintendo gaming. Being a developer gives Lewis a unique perspective on Nintendo news, especially relating to the eShop and Nintendo Network. Today he plays Wii U and 3DS enjoying their distinctive gameplay offerings. Looking into what the future holds for Nintendo is always tricky, even with its established heritage, but that’s exactly what makes it so fun. NNID: Leuvsion