Is anyone playing Pokémon Rumble Blast?


We have a fair share of Pokémon fans around here, so I’m curious if anyone is playing Pokémon Rumble Blast? It’s rare that I don’t grab a first-party Nintendo game when it comes out, especially for 3DS, so I’m just wondering what folks think of this game now that it’s been out for a few weeks.


  1. I just finished the main story. It took me like 18 Hours to do so but it was pretty terrible. I like the music and the cute Pokemon. I also liked the simple gameplay until they made me repeat the same levels dozens and dozens of times..It is WAY too repetitive. I enjoyed the story and the presentation but the gameplay didn’t change at all and the level designs were damn near identical every time! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you are a true Pokemaniac. Just wait for 3D Land.

  2. Damnit, forgot to email Nintendo to get a review copy for myself. Not that I would’ve had a chance to play it yet.

  3. @abdulla
    Did you play rumble for wii? If so, how different we’re the two? My son and I had fun playing together on the wii, but it was extremely repetitive. He didn’t mind too much as he was six at the time, but after a couple of years game experience that he has gained, he just may.

  4. I’m playing it, and I still like it. I still don’t quite get the “repetitive” argument. It’s Pokemon, it’s always been repetitive. lol Granted I’ve never played the WiiWare ver. but I legitimately like this game. 🙂

    The only downside I’ve came across is if you have a favorite Pokemon and would like to keep it as your main. They don’t level up or anything, you just catch replacements that are stronger. Which is fine, and keeps the gameplay fresh. Even though you can only have 2 moves with any given ‘mon, you get new ones so often that you change your strategy quite a bit. Using ranged attacks, then switching to a close range fighter-type.

    I haven’t quite beat the game yet, and probably have 8+ hours into it, I got it to pass the time until Mario 3d Land came out, and I am still pleasantly surprised at how fun it is. 🙂 I’m a fan of Pokemon, but not hardcore, I started with Red, then Sapphire, Diamond, Black. This is a much needed break for me from slow-paced-turn-based. lol Make of my opinion what you will, it is an underrated game in my opinion. 🙂

  5. @Yossarian
    The gameplay is identical. It’s feels more like an expansion. It even uses some of the same music. But he might like it

  6. I haven’t actually played it, but I’ve played the first and I’ve heard gameplay is pretty much exactly the same. So what made the first one passable if not good was its relative cheapness and more importantly co operative play. It might have been very basic but playing through with a few friends was still fun because it was Pokemon. Sooo even if the gameplay is exactly the same it would be hard to recommend because to do the multiplayer you would need to have a friend 3ds and another copy of the 40 dollar game. Soooooo, the cost and the unlikelihood of finding someone to play with makes it very hard to recommend, and you’re probably best off getting the Wii version (assuming you haven’t already and that you have a Wii.)

  7. I did not pick this up because it is absurdly expensive for what is essentially a bit of extra content from a downloadable title.

  8. I’ve had it since launch, just because I wanted something to pass the time while I wait for Mario and Zelda to drop (also because I had about two grand in financial aid just waiting to be spent :P)

    It’s a beat’em up through and through, and now and then you gain Pokemon that you’ve defeated either by making them wobbly (which is impossible in itself) or getting lucky. It’s got a story which is enough to satisfy me for a little while. AND, the 3D looks SPECTACULAR.

    While I do see why people think it’s not worth it and if you’re tight on cash then it isn’t, but I personally found interest in it and I’m enjoying it the entire way through despite it.

    However, the legendaries that become available after beating the game are nigh impossible to get. 5% chance you see then instead of the normal boss, and even though they’re always going to let you obtain them when you beat them, it’s fucking hard to do it lol. I’ve only managed to rack up two Latias and failed a Lugia. >_< It's the challenge that brings me back!

  9. Would LOVE to, however, we’d need to get two copies for my boyfriend and i… and such a monetary load cannot be supported at this time.

  10. I just beat the main story, and it was fun. 🙂 I went on to play an EX fight thing, and died.. lol Guess I better save some money and level up the world ‘mon. lol

  11. I won’t be picking it up. I did like the WiiWare game mainly because it felt like a game that should be a cheap download title, and if this game was a downloadable 3DS game I probably would jump in, but not at full price retail. No way. And I am a bit of a Pokémaniac.

  12. Yeah the price is steep as hell; the only way I can recommend this game is through a gift or if you have money you don’t need. The game is GOOD, don’t get me wrong. I really like it, but I can’t say it’s worth the 3DS game price.

  13. I meant to reply to this earlier, but YES – I am playing Pokémon Rumble Blast! Also, I am loving it! I’m fully aware of how shallow the objectives are, how silly the story is, and how bad the models look, but there are several reasons why I still absolutely love this game:

    1. My “team” consists of every Pokémon I’ve ever caught, save for those released or incapacitated in some way – right now I have well over two or three hundred available monsters with most of them being at high power levels – and I regularly release Pokémon for money or evolutions.

    2. Because of #1 up there, I have access to an enormous amount of abilities/attacks. I can only use two at any one time, but the rest are all just a switch away – something that pauses in single-player and allows you all the time in the world to browse your list of moves.

    3. The actual amount of available moves will naturally be lower than the number of Pokémon due to duplicates, but that’s okay because they’re almost always in different combinations with other attacks – something that goes a long way in battle.

    4. All of the weakness and resistance mechanics of the main-series games are intact, save for immunities (which I guess are treated like resistances instead). There’s just as much type-matchup strategy as the core games but instead of having to pick an attack that’s good against two, or three Pokémon, you might have to choose one strong against ten or twenty! That’s madness! I know the game doesn’t require an intimate knowledge of the weakness chart, but I love that having one is rewarded with a feeling of absolute power. 😛

    5. Not all the moves from the main series are available, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a LOT. I’m unable to find the exact number online at the moment, but there are so many moves in this game and because the scale of strength is much smaller than the main games (the rating is only 1 – 5 stars, the main series games can be anywhere from 10 – 120 points) no move is really that useless – even a 1-star move can be useful as they often quick execution and allow for several hits in little time. And the same with the Pokémon, nearly every one is available and I’m pretty sure you can get any of them at any power level at some point, so they’re almost all usable in battle – even the most useless of Pokémon can be monsters (especially with special abilities/traits).

    6. This is an ACTION game so it’s fast-paced and there’s no waiting for silly, lazy animations or walls of text to scroll by. You just go and kick some Poké-ass. The attacks are swift and sometimes look quick cool in 3D, the enemies are extremely diverse and only get more varied as you progress, and although the models may look bad from close-up, when they’re down there on the field they’re quick small and they actually look very neat in 3D – like colourful little bugs fighting each other in flashes of light and explosions. 🙂

    7. The game starts off very much like the Wii version in terms of mechanics and areas, but they really do get better as you progress. You get access to a much faster key (the thing that winds up your character) so switching becomes very quick later on. Also, the stages are very straight-forward and linear, and they do repeat a lot, but as you progress they add more length, a few branching paths, and a bit of new fauna, architecture, and colour. I’m really fond of the autumn area, and when the treetops get the little gardens of flowers in them they look so pretty in 3D. I’ve been players many of the 3DS’ games that have come out regularly since launch, but some stages still manage to make me stop and take a moment to bask in how magical it all is.

    I’m sure there are many more reasons I can’t think of at the moment, and I haven’t gotten to the end of the game which I’m sure I’ll dread (I couldn’t beat the Wii versions super-duper-omega EX1000 mode) but at the moment, I’m absolutely loving this game and my timer is at about 20 hours. Flaws be damned! Yes, this game should be cheaper, but so far I’m not regretting the purchase at all and I’m getting more playtime out of it than I do with NintenDogs, PilotWings, or StarFox (all great games to be sure but two of them are downright boring after a while and the other is very short without someone else to play with). If you’re having money trouble and you can only afford one or two games, of course you should go with Mario or Zelda first! But if you have the cash, and the 3DS, it’s really good for some pick-up and play, light-hearted fun. 🙂

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