Raccoon Mario Returns! New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coming to 3DS.


Classic 2D Mario gameplay is coming to the 3DS this summer, and it looks like the Raccoon Suit is making a return.

Earlier tonight, Nintendo announced, via Nintendo Direct and later through Twitter, that New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in August in North America and Japan. No word yet on a release date for Europe. Few details have been provided, but a number of screenshots have been released. What we can glean from these screens is that the game will be drawing at least some of its inspiration from Super Mario Bros 3. In addition to the Raccoon Suit we also see some bolt blocks and a P-Wing meter in the bottom corner.

I am always excited for new 2D Mario, but I’m a little disappointed that the art style hasn’t changed. The “New” series seems so bland and muddy, the music is mediocre and the world maps are linear and uninspired. However, it’s the gameplay that matters, and both NSMB games have been a lot of fun to play, so we will have to see what NSMB2 has to offer. Expect more to come at E3.

…but I still have my fingers crossed for Super Mario Bros. 4 on Wii U.


  1. Really excited for this! They also announced folders for 3DS home menu which will be so useful

  2. Same here.

    We will get 2 Mario games this Fall if the Wii U title is a launch title.

  3. I hope that Mario isn’t heading for franchise fatigue. Still, looks good. I just hope that by next year we aren’t seeing Nintendo pumping out Mario games like this, and give some of their other franchises some limelight, not to mention making some new IP.

    Good news about the firmware update. The eShop games have taken up a fair amount of space on my home screen. Even on the smallest icon setting it fills the screen and more.

    It’s good to see so much hype for Nintendo at the moment and E3 isn’t even here yet. I hope they have some surprises left, 3DS ones anyway. Mario Tennis Open, Kingdom Hearts DDD and Heroes of Ruin are all releasing pretty soon. And now NSMB2 on the way. My 3DS is going to be getting plenty of play this year. My how things have changed.

  4. Awesome news, and they are relatively not too far off!

  5. Robert, I totally agree about the style of New SMB; it’s an awesome series with a very bland, safe look. I really wish they’d take some chances with the art style. And, yeah, the music needs a kick in the pants — though I do love the way the minions dance to the tunes.

    @ The Adza: Rollercoaster Tycoon and FF Theatrhythm are coming soon, too! I might have to sell my Skylanders…or give blood…:)

  6. I absolutely love 2D Mario to pieces – SMB1 (and Duck Hunt, with it) is the game that got me playing video games – and I’m really very heartbroken over NSMB2.

    On the one hand, I know the level design and the game itself will be fun, but on the other hand, it absolutely appalls me that they seem to have left the world designs the same for the third game in a row. Is it really too much to ask for new worlds and sections of the Mushroom Kingdom with a new Mario game? Galaxy 1 and 2 got tons of imaginative locales, so why can’t 2D Mario get some, too?

  7. I was just thinking I would love folders for the 3DS. And that Mario game looks bitchin’. Hope the make a sequel to Mario Sunshine for the Wii U!

  8. At least the one photo is a new version of the first level of SMB3. That’s somewhat encouraging.

    And Rob, I’m sure it’s been said before, but don’t hold your breath on Super Mario 4 lol. SMW was Mario 4 in Japan, and Nintendo has registered websites that didn’t get used before; a year or so before the Gold and Silver Pokemon games were announced to be remade, they registered DawnGold and DuskSilver websites lol.

  9. Cool! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Of only i have a 3DS….