Which of the 3DS eShop’s 350 DSiware games would you recommend?


The eShop’s initial DSiware library stretches much further than you might guess from the few dozen titles in the shop’s featured categories. Every user should scroll left to the “Search” option, set the filters to focus on DSi titles, and then…voila! Your once-starving 3DS has 350 DSi games waiting for immediate purchase and download!

Of course, this is no big deal to most DSi owners, who can transfer previous purchases to the new handheld. For folks like me, however, who skipped the DSi (my fat old blue DS is still working perfectly), the sudden avalanche of content can seem overwhelming.

I started my collection with the well-reviewed Shantae: Risky’s Revenge even though it’s the shop’s priciest title (worth every penny!), then grabbed a personal old favorite, Electroplankton Hanenbow and one VC title (Link’s Awakening). Next on my list are Inchworm Animation, Photo Dojo and the Dragon’s Lair trilogy.

So, DSiware experts, what games would you consider must-haves for 3DS?


  1. Dark Void Zero is a great title…can’t really recommend any others though. xD

  2. Is there any free games, like that Brain Age game that came preloaded?…

  3. Has anyone played of the art style games? Boxlife looked interesting and one other one, can’t remember the name. But if anyone has played any please let me know.

  4. A DSiWare title which needs a lot more recognition is A KAPPA’S TRAIL. This game is so good on many levels and a great puzzle adventure. The music is sweet and the gameplay is fun. It’s only $5 and the replay value is excellent, there is so much to do.

    I definitely recommend this for everyone!!!

  5. I would check out the following two titles:

    Cave Story.
    It’s being featured on the eShop front page as a staff pick. This is hands down the best title in the DSiWare library and quite possibly on the eShop right now, IMHO. Great retro graphics, great gameplay, fun story, and replay value due to multiple endings and choices. If you don’t know about this game by now you are definitely missing out.

    A Zelda-ish action RPG originally released for smartphones, but hard to play due to phone’s lack of a d-pad or buttons. Solved now that its on a handheld. Level based character improvement, a crapload of different items plus the ability to craft and repair weapons. Magic, pretty big overworld. A decent story. If you want a Zelda fix and have already beaten Link’s Awakening this should hold you over.

  6. Art Style games are an obvious choice.
    Great for casual puzzle lovers.

    Starship Defense is a game that’s rarely mentioned, but it’s (in my honest opinion) the best DSiWare Tower Defense game.

    Half of the GO series are really good games (look up the reviews as to which is the better ones, I barely remember most of the titles, and my 3DS is getting fixed right now – I just remember that I loved Escapee GO, though I’m one of the rare ones that actually like that style of gameplay). Most of them are meant to be played in short bursts. …which is perfect for a handheld.

    AiRace is a decent sky-racing game.
    But AiRace Tunnel isn’t as good.

    Dark Void Zero is a very good metroidvania game (not as much exploration… but decent).

    I’ve heard a lotta’ good things about Divergent Shift.

    Flametail is awesome.

    It’s not my style of battle card game, but Elemental Masters gives you a LOT of bang for your buck.

    G.G series games are decent – best played in short bursts – but less variety in styles as the GO series.

    Globulos Party is a MUST for those who like to play multiplayer (there’s download play, so it’s perfect), due to how much games it gives for its price.

    Glow Artisan is an obvious choice for puzzle lovers.

    Hero of Sparta is a decent God of War clone. Pretty good for a downloadable.

    Ivy the Kiwi? Great game. Though it’s also for retail. Up to you which you’d rather have.

    Inchworm Animation > Flipnote Studio. Though Flipnote obviously gets a lotta’ love.

    Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ is a very decent shoot-em-up. Though it’s also for retail, and also a WiiWare. All are great.

    Mighty Milky Way’s another good one. πŸ˜€ There’s videos for it if you wanna’ see if it’s for you.

    Mr. Driller Drill Till You Drop is GREAT – but sadly, no multiplayer. D:

    Paper Airplane Chase and Birds & Beans are both great titles from the WarioWare series… but Birds & Beans definitely is champ between the two. One of the best titles to get for your DSiWare.

    Photo Dojo’s fun if you’ve got a lot of silly friends.

    Pop Island series = GREAT for multiplayer. It’s mario kart meets capture the flag.

    Snapdots is another great one.

    Don’t forget Oregon Trail’s on there too. πŸ˜› You can never get enough dysentery… no wait…

    Trajectile also another great puzzler.

    Last and definitely NOT least: Alpha Bounce!!!!
    If you ever, EVER want a single block-breaker game for your handheld: THIS IS IT.
    Seriously. Once you have this, you will NEVER need another block-breaker game EVER again. I am not kidding at all… this, to me, is the definitive version of the block-breaker genre. It has RPG elements (exploring, upgrading, “boss battles”) with over hundreds if not thousands of levels. It’ll keep you busy for good.

    Other than those… (unless they’re obvious choices or already mentioned, or just bad ones) … I haven’t really tried much other games. I’ve been out of the DSiWare loop for a while.

  7. I would got with (not in any particular order):
    1. Dark Void Zero
    2. Earthworm Jim
    3. Cave Story
    4. Shantae
    5. Rayman

  8. box life is really good.

  9. Starship Defense is fantastic, and has gotten more playtime from me than any other DSiWare title. It’s the game that got me into the whole Tower Defense genre.

  10. Infendo is very, VERY pro-Shantae.

  11. @Derek (oh mai gawsh it’s really Derek)

    Everyone is pro-Shantae! It’s a beautiful game that’s extremely fun, if not a bit painful to navigate.

    Anyway, I’ll forgo giving a description of each and just list some games that I thought were pretty fun.

    Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ
    Soul of Darkness (OK – I won’t not describe this one – it’s a Castlevania clone. Really fun.)
    Photo Dojo
    Metal Torrent is OK too.

  12. Photo Dojo is hilarious lol

    I’ve also heard that Darkness Souls or whatever that gameloft game is is good.

    I’ve heard everyone saying Shantae is great but I lost interest after it turned out to be a Metroidvania with terrible navigation instead of a true and blue platformer. But in the end its still good apparently. So is anything wayforward on the service.

  13. I’d go with Dark Void Zero…or the good version of Dark Void.

  14. – Sujin Taisen (one of the highest rated DsiWare games, it’s great)
    – Pinball Pulse (from the makers of Metroid Prime Pinball)
    – Alpha Bounce (super addictive, endless levels)

  15. I second the following:

    Starship Defense: BEST tower defense-type game!

    Mighty Milky Way: Awesome semi-physics-based platformer.

    Inchworm Animation: The very best drawing/animating utility not just for the DSi, but of any gaming console I’ve ever seen! Better than Flipnote Studio (although that one is free!), and super-cheap (about $5).

    – One of the Electroplankton “games”: For those who didn’t buy the catridge version with all the music applications, you have to try at least one of these! My favorite is Hanenbow, but most of them are good, although I wouldn’t get more than a couple of them.

  16. DARK VOID ZERO, CAVE STORY (i have it for both wii and ds, love that game), BOXLIFE is great one of the only art styles games I like. , ART ACADEMY second semester is really good to if you like to paint and draw, the painting part is really good. JELLY CAR fun and really good physics, TOUCH SOLITAIRE great for being a $2 solitaire game

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