Which of the 3DS eShop’s 350 DSiware games would you recommend?

The eShop’s initial DSiware library stretches much further than you might guess from the few dozen titles in the shop’s featured categories. Every user should scroll left to the “Search” option, set the filters to focus on DSi titles, and then…voila! Your once-starving 3DS has 350 DSi games waiting for immediate purchase and download!

Of course, this is no big deal to most DSi owners, who can transfer previous purchases to the new handheld. For folks like me, however, who skipped the DSi (my fat old blue DS is still working perfectly), the sudden avalanche of content can seem overwhelming.

I started my collection with the well-reviewed Shantae: Risky’s Revenge even though it’s the shop’s priciest title (worth every penny!), then grabbed a personal old favorite, Electroplankton Hanenbow and one VC title (Link’s Awakening). Next on my list are Inchworm Animation, Photo Dojo and the Dragon’s Lair trilogy.

So, DSiware experts, what games would you consider must-haves for 3DS?