Infendo Radio 149 – where there’s a Will there’s a podcast!

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Kyle and Sean propose an interesting arrangement to Will … does he accept?  Does the dymanic duo become a true team of three?  Tune in to this episode of Infendo Radio to find out these answers and maybe even hear a new perspective on E3!

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6 Responses to Infendo Radio 149 – where there’s a Will there’s a podcast!

  1. argus says:

    Hey guys-

    I love the show, but you guys have some serious volume issues. Kyle is much louder than everyone else. I’ve noticed this in previous episodes, but it was especially bad in this one. If I listen at a normal volume, then Kyle is the only one who is audible. If I turn it up enough to actually hear the other guys, then Kyle is SCREAMING.

    It’s a shame, because otherwise the podcast sounds so professional.

    If you can’t get the volume levels right before recording, then I think some good compression in post-production would really help even things out. Any decent audio editing program should be able to do this, but you’ll need to experiment to figure out the right settings.

    Sorry to be harsh, but this bugs me almost every week. I hope this is constructive criticism.

  2. argus says:

    And, while I’m ranting-

    I didn’t go to E3, but from the impressions I’ve been hearing, it sounds like Nintendo only had one Wiiware demo system set up. It was one system with about 6 different Wiiware games on it.

    These were good titles, like Bit.Trip Core and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. So why not give them each their own demo system on the floor? Was there a lack of space?

    I just wish Nintendo would do more to promote Wiiware and Virtual Console. It sounds like Nintendo didn’t even mention Virtual Console at E3 this year, even though they just reached the 300th game milestone.

  3. Kyle says:

    Hi Argus,
    Sorry about the sound. Skype decided to combine all audio last night instead of recording just Will and Sean’s audio. It was the first time it happened and there was no way to seperate them. I apologize for any hearing loss that may have occured. We will be ready for it next week if skype decided to throw us a curve ball. Thanks for the recording tips!

  4. ChamucoDS says:

    Hello Kyle, I really like your podcast and the Zelda music you used at the end it was great do you know were i can get it?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Kyle says:

    Hi Cham!
    It’s called Zelda Heiniken and you can get it at

  6. ChamucoDS says:

    Thank you so much, your podcast is international I listen from Tijuana, Mexico.

    Keep up the good work, I know you guys are really busy my only comment is that I will like the podcast to be on more regulary.

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