Hyrule Warriors coming to Wii U in 2014


A flashy trailer showing Link fighting various of his familiar enemies was shown first thing during this morning’s Nintendo Direct broadcast. The tentative name for the game is Hyrule Warriors, a collaborative effort between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei. It’s important to note that this is not going to be an entry in the main Zelda franchise, rather a sort of crossover with the Dynasty Warriors series. Nevertheless, it looks like it could be an excellent action game and a welcome addition to the Wii U library. Don’t take my word for it, though: watch the trailer above and decide for yourself.

In addition to being a girl gamer, Holly prides herself on being a red-head. Consequently, the blue shell in the Mario Kart series is her natural enemy. Don't worry, though: she still loves Mario Kart and is very good, despite the occasional blue shell-sabotaged race. Like any Nintendo fan, Holly also loves Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kirby...you name it. But she'll try just about anything (besides horror games) and has a soft spot for unique, little-known rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Samba de Amigo. NNID: Aeroweth


  1. I am SUPER EXCITES!! I LOVE DW, and think this game can be AWESOME! Make it perfect and let us play as Zelda herself!

  2. This was the first thing they showed this morning, and Nintendo grabbed me by the giblets with it. They fondled me very nicely with the Kirby showing, Yoshi’s New Island, Pokemon, but then Sakurai had to leave me with blue balls.

    How you gon show Kirby racing onto Rainbow Road on his Super Star and then have it be a trailer for Rosalina? That’s very dirty, guys, and I didn’t appreciate it. Now I don’t know where to release all my excitement.

  3. I was watching this video and I still don’t know what to make of it. I’ve never played the Dynasty Warriors series so I going blind on this one. For me it scratches the idea of how strong do you want Link to be and how do you show that on screen. Is this over the top action something people want from Link? Or does the action need to be more like OoT or Skyward Sword? One thing I do like about the early footage is that Ganon actually has a army.

  4. Link’s Sword Training Wii U lol

  5. Nice!