Wii U Hack Reveals New Yoshi Game?

Wii U Hack Reveals New Yoshi Game?

Whether by “hacking” or just “dumb Luck”, NeoGaf user Trike has found evidence of a new Yoshi game hidden in the Mii Verse.  Essentially, he accidentally hit the wrong button at the right time.

“I found out I could access the debug menu on Miiverse by hitting the “X” button on the gamepad while hovering over the exit button.”

“I found an admin access list or something to that effect. I couldn’t really do anything from there though. I could view different messages from a developer. One mentioned that there would be big games coming out (announced?) on the 10th of December.”

Now, Nintendo claims that this list was only used for a mock up, and not intended to represent actual releases, I guess that is for us to decide whether the list is real or not.

“It has come to our attention that some people were able to access a mock up menu on Miiverse following the launch of Wii U in the US… Please note that this was only a mock up menu and has now been removed and is not accessible.”

I, for one, would love a new Yoshi game.  I love when the sidekicks get the chance to become the heroes.  What are your thoughts on a new Yoshi game?  Yeah, or Nay?


On a side note, I received my Wii U yesterday.  The updates took me approximately 45 minutes to complete, not too bad since I was working on something else while it completed.   I made my Mii, My NNID is EsselPratt, and found that using the camera was pretty accurate.  It is a bit slow changing from one menu to another, but I have faith that Nintendo will fix that.  Overall, I am really loving it!

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