Infendo Radio goes “deep and wide” in this E3 wrap-up


Wii U dissected, 3DS reacted, Wii sets sail, and listener emails all discussed. Strap in, kids. Infendo Radio is on now!

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  1. i think you guys misunderstood , mario 3ds will be out before the end of this year.

    if it doesnt get delayed offcourse.

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  3. $4 is pretty cheap, IMHO.

  4. So, you are worried about the new Kirby game for Wii because of the long devolopment time. But think about this, the same thing happened to Super Metroid, and it turned out to be one of the best games ever made. The game suffered several delayes, and was almost cancelled at one point. Just saying.

  5. Hey… I’m a longtime listener and have enjoyed your work for some time. Especially the recent gameboy resurgence. It made me go back.. I love that stuff. Thanks!

    I’m surprised that you both were shocked by the Wii U and puzzled by some of the decisions made. It’s new and different but not that shocking… I had a few observations to throw into the fray…

    1) Nintendo innovates. You may not always like what they do but they always are trying new things. Hopefully this innovation will be it will be more NES/Super Nintendo than Virtual Boy but time will tell. Sony and MS seem more prone to improve ideas with great execution.

    2) Superior graphics. If you look at the progress of PCs since the 360/PS3 releases, a baseline machine that a company can make money on (that is what Nintendo is about ultimately. They never sell stuff as a loss leader like MS did with Xbox) would be ahead of Nintendo’s competitors now. When MS and Sony have their new releases they’ll be ahead again, but I don’t think it will be as crippling as the lack of HD was to hardcore gamers on the Wii.

    3) Losing Gamecube compatibility wasn’t a surprise either considering recent history. Not as much with consoles, but if you look at the last few handhelds, you gain a new thing and lose an old one. DS lost Gameboy games, DSi lost GBA games…

    4) Nintendo is cheap. The lack of multi touch isn’t a surprise at all. Enabling multi touch would cost more money and they’d need to supply better screens. Even more than the others, with Nintendo you always have to follow the money…

    Anyway, wanted to speak up here since I’ve grown weary of arguing with my ipod :-p. Thanks for the great show….

  6. A long time ago I caught myself wondering how some of the best DS titles could be ported to a console, and I found there was no way a developer could pull that off since it would require having a second, touch-sensitive screen with controller buttons, so I thought ‘who would try to sell such a crazy contraption?’

    And now Nintendo has announced the Wii U!

    Am I the only one who has seen the Wii U as an expansion of the DS idea for games? I have yet to hear a comment anywhere making this connection…

  7. All my thoughts on Wii U can be found here Also I just went out and got a #DS primarily because of the e-shop. My work gives me a BB, so I don’t play iOS games. The e-shop so far is scratching that itch with Plants Vs Zombies.