Hands on: Shiren the Wanderer

Shiren the Wanderer for Wii is the third game in the series and follows the adventure of an older and more mature Shiren. If you played Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer for the DS you know exactly what to expect.

However, for you infendudes who didn’t, you should know that the game is a roguelike.

Roguelike games feature harsh penalties for dying, usually meaning you start over from level 1, and lose all your items and weapons. Pretty much meaning that you straight fresh. These games are heavily based in tactics, as everyone has a turn. You move then all the enemies on stage move. So if your surrounded your going to be attacked by every enemy one after the other.

The game was at the Atlus booth and was playable, but it was entirely in Japanese. Making it somewhat unplayable since the key to survivin is using all your items to survive and planning when to use them.

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