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GamePro’s “24 best 8-bit games” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside



With great picks and nice recaps of some of the best retro games ever, it’s a nostalgic punch to the face. As author McKinley Noble writes, “it’s enough to keep blowing into your NES slot loader.” Just know SMB3 rightfully took the top spot.


  1. I thought 3-D World Runner came out before Space Harrier. I freaking loved 3-D World Runner.

  2. Nope, Square Soft took a big bite out of Sega’s idea back in the day.

  3. Wow, what an nice little feature. No wonder Gamepros magazine is still in the circulation. Thanks for the link. Of course, it goes without saying that Kirby’s Adventure was an incredible game at the time. It’s superb in every way imaginable: the graphic, the level design, enemy variations, constantly surprising gamers with new power ups, coherent game world, unforgettable sound tracks, the game got it all. Till this day, I am in awe of knowing that it was an NES title along with Metroid. The late 80s til early 90s was truly the golden age of video game. (I feel)NES was the spark for the video game renaissance which we are living today. Ok that’s enough Nintendo love for now…WHERE IS MY F-ZERO NINTENDO?????????? Good job on Mario, Little Mike, LoZ and Metroid, but let’s complete the circle, shall we?

  4. i loved space harrier as a kid and 3-d world runner, but yeah they bit off of sega big time. did the 3-d glasses ever work for anyone? i don’t think they work with standard tv screens back then. i remember my dad filming captain e.o. at disneyland in 87′ and when we got home we tried to watch it with those big purple glasses they give you and it didn’t work either. tv 3d never works, sorry way off topic…

  5. I totally disagree with this list.
    That’s my list of the best 8 bits games ever:(all for Sega Master System)
    1 Land of Illusion (Mickey Mouse)
    2 Ghouls’n Ghosts
    3 Prince of Persia
    4 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    5 Streets of Rage
    6 R-Type
    7 California Games
    8 Rocky
    9 Space Harrier 3D
    10 Gangster Town
    11 Castle of Ilusion (Mickey Mouse)
    12 Alex Kidd in Miracle World
    13 Golden Axe
    14 Asterix
    15 Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
    16 Mortal Kombat
    17 Aladdin
    18 Moonwalker
    19 Mortal Kombat II
    20 BlackBelt
    21 Vigilante
    22 Phantasy Star
    23 Double Dragon
    24 After Burner
    25 Altered Beast
    26 Shooting Galery
    27 Rambo III
    28 Ghostbusters
    29 Out Run
    30 Assault City
    31 Deep Duck Trouble (Donald Duck)
    32 Shadow Dancer
    33 Poseidon Wars 3D
    34 Kenseiden
    35 Lucky Dime Caper (Donald Duck)