25 GBA games you may have missed

Unofficial Game Boy week continues on Infendo! Amid the final Wii drought and lack of deep 3DS games at the moment, I’ve been having a blast revisiting the Game Boy Advance’s library, most of which I assume many of us never played, particularly the latter years as both DS and Wii were already in full swing. That said, here are some high-scoring games you may have missed, and can pick u...

Latest “Top 10 NES games” is pretty good

Mario 3 appropriately takes the top spot. And there are a couple of surprises. But a part of me died inside not seeing either Punch-Out or Kirby’s Adventure make the list. Bastards!

GamePro’s “24 best 8-bit games” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

With great picks and nice recaps of some of the best retro games ever, it’s a nostalgic punch to the face. As author McKinley Noble writes, “it’s enough to keep blowing into your NES slot loader.” Just know SMB3 rightfully took the top spot.

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