GameCube games for Nintendo newcomers

wiicube.jpgNintendo has sold more than 20 million Wii consoles worldwide since launching its motion-controlled sensation in Nov. 2006. The system has become a global phenomenon, and over the next few months, it is likely Wii will eclipse the total worldwide hardware sales of Nintendo’s last console, the ill-fated and underappreciated GameCube.

What took GameCube six years to achieve, Wii will have surpassed in less than two. But negative connotations stemming from GameCube’s relatively disappointing sales should not necessarily be reflected upon its software. Despite its smaller market share, GameCube hosted some of the best exclusive titles of the last half-decade.

Given Wii’s remarkable sales figures, it seems safe to assume that many Wii owners missed out on GameCube. Fortunately for gamers incognizant of the satisfaction to be found within tiny purple cubes, Wii is compatible with all GameCube software. Landmark GameCube releases from years gone by can be played on Wii and enjoyed by players who may have never had a chance to experience them.

On Saturday’s edition of Infendo Radio, Blake and Scott discussed this topic when listener Paul phoned in asking for their GameCube recommendations. Their guidance is included in this list of the best GameCube games for ‘Cube-deprived Nintendo newcomers.