GameCube games for Nintendo newcomers



Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

thousandbox.jpgBefore Nintendo gave it a fresh coat of paint, the Paper Mario franchise was actually more RPG than platformer. Of course, those roles were reversed with the stylized 2007 Wii hit, Super Paper Mario. And for the millions who made that game such a success, The Thousand-Year Door is a natural choice. One of the best hybrid RPG experiences available for GameCube, The Thousand-Year Door offers players a clever battle system, classic music and endearing dialogue wrapped in almost 40 hours of addictive gameplay. Nintendo newcomers charmed by Super Paper Mario and wanting more should consider The Thousand-Year Door; it exemplifies Nintendo-fun at its best.

Available for less than $20 on Amazon and eBay.

Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

roguebox.jpgRegardless of whether or not they owned a GameCube, Wii owners should certainly have noticed the glaring absence of space shooters on Nintendo’s new console. With no new Star Fox game yet announced and no available Wii jet-fighters worth playing, Factor5’s masterful Rogue Leader still stands as Wii’s best option. While film-based games usually scrape the bottom of the quality barrel, Rogue Leader completely captures the frantic spirit of epic dogfights so prevalent in the Star Wars films. Fast, furious and ultra-polished, fans of space shooters and the Star Wars films will both find plenty to love about Rogue Leader. It not only fills a massive hole in Wii’s library, but is still an impressive visual stunner more than six years after its release.

Available for less than $10 on Amazon and eBay.