EA boss on 3DS: “I’ve seen it, it’s cool”

Said EA president John Riccitiello in an interview with Industry Gamers:

“You’ve got to be very careful here because Nintendo have a lot to say at E3, and I want to be careful to not accidentally transgress an NDA, but I will tell you, I’ve seen it; it’s cool.”

Well alrighty then.


  1. As if he would say, “Yeah I’ve seen the 3DS. It’s a piece of junk. But please, buy our games for it!”

  2. Theres not really much you can take from that. E3 it is.

  3. Well, he could have said NOTHING. He praised the hardware and we don’t know how many EA games will be ready for launch so, who knows? Just a week and we shall be invaded by ooh so many great news!

  4. I think the 3DS reveal will be hilarious.

    Journalists: You can’t really see it or understand from these 2D videos, screens and articles but it really is 3D! seriously! We swear!

    Gamers: we’ll wait until we see it.

    Journalists: We ARE seeing it! It’s just… aww damnit.

  5. E3 is going to be awesome.

  6. I’m expecting the Nintendo event to be the awesome/cringe inducing extravaganza that it has been the last few years.
    Reggie doing his kicking and taking routine. Shiggy being Shiggy. Cammy doing something that will most likely be made into an embarrassing .gif.
    I got my popcorn ready, it gonna be great.

  7. cant wait.

  8. Can’t wait

  9. @ Bbelt

    “Reggie doing his kicking and taking routine. . Cammy doing something that will most likely be made into an embarrassing .gif”

    Someone wasn’t paying attention last E3…

  10. @ Poochy
    What did I miss?

  11. @ BBelt

    Neither of those things you mentioned happening. Reggie hasn’t talked about kicking ass and taking names since at least 2006, and Cammie gave a very straightforward, non-embarrassing presentation last year.

  12. Poochy, go easy on me man 🙂 I love Nintendo as much as anybody else here. I am an unabashed fanboy. So last year it was Iwata and not Reggie that talked about how much they were beating the competition. I personally prefer when Reggie does it, thats just me. And of course Mrs. Dunaway didn’t do anything last year like she did in ’08 with Shaun White. I wish she would have.
    I did say over “the last few years.” And over the last few years even a fanboy must admit there have been awesome, and cringe inducing moments. Its a mixed bag, and I love it all.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and Microsoft will bring out this family playing Natal. http://i49.tinypic.com/6dzhc6.jpg

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