eShop delivers pre-holiday cheer

Three great additions to the 3DS eShop appeared yesterday…and one’s a terrific freebie!

Swapnote, at the wonderful price of zero, finally arrived to give 3DS users a simple, fun way to send sketches, notes and photos to friends or streetpass strangers. The experience of adding 3D touches to a sketch makes this worth the download, and there’s an option to choose animated stationery!

Mighty Switch Force ($5.99) is another entry in the recent streak of  great 3DS-exclusive download games. This is one polished, beautifully-controlling platformer. I like its on-the-go design, based around competing for the best time in a generous series of quick challenges.

And TetrisGAMEBOY TETRIS–showed up! Hooray! Sure, the world’s full of more flashy versions of Tetris, but no others are as lovable! $3.99!

So, this week the ever-improving and cute-as-all-get-out eShop offers a great freebie, a top-notch platfomer and a welcome stroll down memory lane! Any readers out there picking up one or more? And…whoever you are, anonymous Swapnote writer in the above image, the answer is “Yes, you should get a cake.”

8 Responses to eShop delivers pre-holiday cheer

  1. Job says:

    The eShop is really shaping up to awesome

  2. EdEN says:

    Mighty Switch Force has been added to my “to buy” list since I’m sure to receive some Gift Cards this christmas.

  3. The Adza says:

    Letterbox/Swapnote is a brilliant bit of gear. It just needs a bit of tweaking to make it more intergrated into the system a bit more. But it’s very very good. I’ve seen some great drawings come through from friends.

  4. DevinShadowV says:

    Nintendo has really fixed up the 3DS and almost have a good reason or reasons to get one. Some of my friends are asking me should I get a 3DS since I’m the one that owns one and I said yes because 3DS is getting games, apps, etc. So Nintendo really redeemed themselves thank you Nintendo thank you.

  5. Mohan says:

    3DS has been killing it lately with digital downloads…especially if you are part of the ambassador program!

  6. Holly says:

    Put the two latter ones on my wishlist. Perhaps I’ll get around to buying them someday.

  7. sam says:

    Mighty switch.force is my first purchase from eshop and it is fantastic

  8. monkat says:

    I actually did a review of SwapNote on my blog (click my username), if anyone is interested. In short, it is very fun and addicting–and for the price of free, plus a few “blocks”, you shouldn’t really need a review to convince you.

    Mighty Switch Force, while beautiful, sometimes difficult, and always fun, is also very short. Honestly, forgivable given the price tag compared to the length to price ratio of Mario. Definitely recommended!

    And VVVVVV next week, too! Man, I wont be putting my 3DS down for a while!

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