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Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo – Part 5 Game Boy

Welcome to the Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo! Join us as we chronicle Nintendo from their humble hanafuda beginnings, to the dominance of the Wii and DS and beyond! Outside of Japan, if you asked your average person if they

Ubisoft’s Tetris Ultimate heading for 3DS, includes exclusive Challenge mode

Ubisoft has announced that its downloadable title Tetris Ultimate will hit Nintendo 3DS systems as well as PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The 3DS version of the game will include an exclusive mode called Challenge: “Challenge – From disappearing Tetriminos

The Game Boy turns 25 today

Has it really been that long? That’s the thought which probably ponders through many gamer’s heads as Nintendo’s Game Boy reaches 25 years of age. Launched in Japan on this date, the Game Boy ushered in a new era of

Reader Submission: How Many Tetris Blocks Would It Take To Build Your House

Today we have another reader submitted topic, this time from a faithful follower named Nick. Nick sent us a link (Click the picture above) to Tetris: Your House, which calculates how many Tetris blocks it would take to build your

eShop delivers pre-holiday cheer

Three great additions to the 3DS eShop appeared yesterday…and one’s a terrific freebie! Swapnote, at the wonderful price of zero, finally arrived to give 3DS users a simple, fun way to send sketches, notes and photos to friends or streetpass

Tetris Party: Mini Review and Tournament Details

Tetris Online recently announced that it would be hosting the first of series of Tetris Party Tournaments begining early next month.  If you haven’t picked this one up yet, now’s the best time to decide if it’s for you.  When